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Champagne and w(h)ine for the upcoming season (2016-2017)


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I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread about it, as we are still talking on it on a thread april 2015.


So mostly champagne all over for me : I got to an amazing intensive this summer (the same as last year, I already post a review on). And this year I'll have 6 ballet classes (in 5 days) this year (3*1.5h, 2*2h and 1*1h) including 2 (real, not just the barre on pointe) pointe classes (the 1h class following another and one 1h30 long but with the first 15-20min is barre on flat. I also got a new teacher, he suggested me to free a date in May to pass a ballet exam (national exam, I would say something like intermediate foundation in RAD level). In the same class he told a lady to go to another class a level below so I'm quite happy with what he told me.


w(h)ine : My right foot is still bothering (no pain but not "normal") me since my accident last february, but both doc (and I saw 2 of them: my regular and a sport one), physio and osteo say I should dance because the type of injury I have need to move. I have a leftover bruise inside the joint that's going down slowly. The more I move the joint the better they said (I confirm that, I got to an intensive this summer and at the end of the week my foot was way better, and I did my first grand allegro (only once but it did it pain free) in 6months there). I'm just out of grand allegro for at least this week (after a few weeks off, you have to take it slow they said) and then I can slowly build up (just 1-2 times a week first, only once the combination, if it's ok add more...). I also had to drop contemporary class because of schedule conflict (got my phD defense in a couple of month so busy busy), I will resume it in January when my schedule got better.

all in all : pretty good start !




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Congrats on all your champagne, jd29! Glad to hear the foot seems a little better. Best wishes on your PhD defense, eek!


My update is all w(h)ine, as my right foot is still not fixed. Currently waiting to see Dr. #4 who is a highly rated ankle specialist in town, but has the longest wait list in the history of wait lists (I made an appointment at the end of July and can't get in until the beginning of October! And that's only with the APN, not even the doctor).


I am still teaching (carefully), and the PT gave me permission to do some mat pilates, so at least I don't feel totally useless while I wait, but its frustrating. I haven't danced since March.

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Oh poor morninglorie. I cannot say I feel your pain but I understand that not knowing what you have and what to do, it's horrible (been there before ballet, I was in pain for almost 3years with my back and no one knew what I had and they still don't really know. Keep looking for answers, we are for moral support. I hope the specialist will have at least an idea of what you have.


NB: I understand for the waitlist in here I have to make appointment 10-12 month ahead to see an opthtamologist (eye doctor) and you cab only call to make an appointment on certains at certain time. It's crazy.

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After 3 opinions, I finally got a diagnosis on my foot... athrosis (at age 31!)


Fortunately the orthopedist was quite optimistic. He has seen company members with much more severe cases who still dance. No need for surgery in the near future, and he referred me to the national company and royal ballet school's pt. Started pt this week and not only did he thoroughly question me about my foot, he also checked my other foot, legs, knees, hips and back. He noticed muscular inbalances, some very stiff and some hypermobile joints and an overall muscle weakness (no surprise, I haven't danced since March and strength has always been my weakness). We started yesterday with foot exercises, to which he will soon add leg and core work. I also have to go swimming several times a week. It's going to take several months of 2 hour pt sessions 3 times a week and a lot of hard work at home but I might come out of this whole ordeal as a stronger dancer!

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Marjolein, at least you got a diagnosis ! I sub Pas de quoi for the "you can do this" for lack of better word (I cannot find a good translation of what I mean sorry). If everyone is optimistic that should be fine. Good luck keep us posted for you return at the barre !

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W(h)ine: first of the season. Today was my first pointe class (1h30) with the upper level girks at my local conservatory and it was a disaster. I would have been the teacher I would have changed me to the lower level. My shoes died during the class, the top of the box (nit the platform) died in the middle of the class. Barre was OK, in the middle range. Then shoes died and it was me fighting with my shoes trying to keep up in the center. A disaster, not gracefull at all, not even dancing. Teacher hasn't said anything to me, maybe the benefit of the doubt because it was my first pointe class here and barre was OK (I also do standard on flat class there with her and she knows me) . I don't know.

I'm just angry at myself now, so angry, kind of ashamed. Young ladies were like it was also bad for us you know, you look fine at the barre. I tried my best in the center but it just looked like crap... I'm not even sure the teacher saw that I was trying hard...

On the good side my new custom shoes arrived (with a reinforced box, to help then last longer as the shank (also reinforced) is still perfect), I hope they'll last longer... On to new shoes for next week hopefully it will be better.

ETA: I try to talk to my mum to help me cope with that and she was like you just do it for fun, no matter how you look it just fun... You're not going to be a pro so whatever just have fun!! Not helping at all.

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Update : I do not like the new shoes (at least one of the pair, the other is ok). The box is damn hard, So hard I got a blister breaking then in at the barre on Monday. It opened last night. So here I goes 2nd pinte class with the young ladies with a huge blister on one foot plus a pair of new shoes. I still feel like a cow trying to move around (notice the absence if big fatty there si there was some improvement since last week).


Champagne: I finish the class with my huge opened blister it hasnt bleed and it's not bigger and with no new blister. Some exercice ib the center weren't that bad. I dance at keast one. The first dégagé combination in the center. I completely messed up the piqué combination except the temps lié plié arabesque en pointe and balance which stay. The other got all the piqué but not the balance, even alone. I spoke to the teacher she said that unfortunately I am between both her pointe level. I'm too advance for the beginner but in the advanced I'm a little behind. She felt I belong more to this group than the beginner one, she said that it should be better each week. Next time I need to ask her if I can have more feed back during the class in term of what's going wrong and what I'm doing well as I feel that the discouraging feeling I feel after each class come from the fact that I feel like crap but I don't know if it looks as crappy as I think it is.

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I had a good class today. We just started pirouettes and that was okay on the right but a bit of a mess to the left. However, my pique turns were much better, though I got a little dizzy after a few turns (spotting still needs work). We've also been working on tombe-bas de bourre-glissade-grand jete (sorry if I misspelled anything!) and I was able to do it even when she upped the tempo. Feeling pretty good right now ^^

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It's a lovely feeling when you start to "get" pirouettes, isn't it?

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I'll let you know! I'm definitely not at that point with pirouettes yet, especially since I'm fighting jazz pirouette muscle memory from last semester, but I'm working on it. Just got to keep practicing

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After 8 months of pain, misdiagnosis, second and third opinions, and a lot of physical therapy, my physical therapist finally gave me permission to go back to class. Slowly, without any jumping or relevé, but at least I can go to class! I'm not there yet and it will take me several more months of therapy to really dance again, but I'm on my way! Couldn't be happier!! :huepfen::huepfen:

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