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Has your Nutty-ness begun?


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We have had auditions and are waiting patiently for casting to come out.


My DD is out of the running for Clara, due to age, but her younger friends are all worked up! It is hard to witness because they all want it so badly and obviously they won't all get it.


After last year my DD won't even speculate on casting for herself, she has learned that it is painful if you get your hopes up on any certain role. She does enjoy speculating on what her friends will get...she just keeps it to herself!


If you have received casting was your dancer pleased or disappointed?

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My DD is 15 and has also learned Nutcracker casting is never what you expect sometimes. She is beyond excited about her roles this year. She can't wait to be a doll during party scene. Plus snow is always been a love of hers.

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Everything this year is different as we have a brand new studio. I'm helping get the costumes going (ack!) and all three of my girls are in the performance. My oldest (15) is Sugar Plum and Dew Drop on alternating days and a snowflake while my middle daughter (13) is a doll, mirliton, snowflake and flower. My youngest (11) is a party girl and Arabian corp. We've already started rehearsals which is such a switch from previous years.

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Calls going up this week. Long process and my dd just wants to be cast (seriously she is not picky). Her height is normally an issue. Merde to all those auditioning.

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Auditions already happened but casting hasn't gone out yet. I don't enjoy this time period nearly as much as I did when DD was younger. There are always dancers feeling sad and "less than", and I feel sad observing that, after getting to know these dancers after all these years. It happens with parents, too. DD has had good casting over the years but there are still things she'd like to try that she's never gotten to do. No idea what this season will bring.

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Auditions were Saturday and we find out this coming Saturday. I hate the waiting, but sometimes finding out is worse. DD13 has had some real highs and lows with Nut casting over the years. Last year was a big low for her, so hopefully this year will be an upswing. Good luck, everyone!

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We had auditions last Saturday and should see casting either this evening or Friday. My dd also has an injury right now and is in a boot. But she did the audition and did some things she probably should not have. She does know that this year she will be an adult in the party scene. Her height is usually an issue as well. She never was in the running for Clara! She's also at a new studio where they don't really know her dancing asthetic. We'll see!

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This is our first year without any "nutty-ness" whatsoever, and I kind of like the more relaxed vibe! DD is at a brand new studio and loving it, but they will only be doing a small performance in December. We love Nutcracker, but after so many years of it, it's kind of nice to have a break. Merde to everyone who has already had, or will have auditions coming up!

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Amsunshine - the studio we just left is doing the same thing this year. I would have welcomed the break as well but as it turned out, that just did not happen! Enjoy your holiday season !!

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Our Nut-auditions are this Saturday and results will likely be posted the following week. 14yo DD is excited opting for new roles this year as is my 11yo DD!! I love the nutty-ness but agree with others on this post who have witnessed the sadness and disappointment when casting isn't what dancers had hoped!!

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Actual Nutcracker doesn't start until October for us, but apparently Nutcracker has now invaded my sleeping hours. After years of intense emotions around casting ranging from disappointment to unbridled glee, the other night I had a Nutcracker casting dream where my DD14 was given a role created just for her! She was cast as the party scene dog, which included her crawling around on all fours during the party scene in a full head to toe dog costume. When I woke it took me a few minutes to realize that it was dream. I think I need a vacation....

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HILARIOUS Gis66elle!


DD15 auditioned last Sunday, and we are told results will be emailed on Monday (8 days). So stressful.

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That is so funny, Gis66elle. Several years ago I dreamed that my daughter was Clara but I didn't find out until dress rehearsal. She didn't know either and she had no Clara dress and was totally unprepared. I was glad to wake up from that nightmare!


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Gis66elle, we are having that problem as well! Our auditions aren't until next Saturday, but it's all DD13 can talk (and dream about). A few mornings ago she was eagerly telling me all about the dream she'd had the night before, where casting came out and she was in a new role they'd just added. She proceeded to describe the dance so animatedly, I could actually picture it. I suggested she write down as much as she could remember... who knows- maybe she'll have an opportunity to choreograph it someday!

Audition nervousness is running higher than usual in our household this year, as DD13 is hoping to make it into the local performing company (everyone at least gets a Nut role, but she longs to participate in more productions). She didn't make it last year (her first year of eligibility), and after shedding many tears and working hard to improve she is a MUCH stronger dancer this year. I have no idea if it will be enough though... and my heart is anxious for her.

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