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Has your Nutty-ness begun?


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Well, cast list came out last night. She got what she wanted and them some. This new studio does many productions. Two weekends of shows, I think two shows each weekend. They also do some school performances and an abbreviated, narrated version for a Christmas Tea that is held at a very lovely resort. They have several different casts so she has the chance to dance many roles. Snow Queen being her fave. Now we just need that foot of hers to heel so she can start really rehearsing!

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DD15 got snow and flowers corps! In this production the corps is mostly adult professional company dancers with some advanced students so she is really happy to finally get it! She has been eyeing up those roles since she was a baby mouse 10 years ago, and has understudied the past 2 years. The costumes are lovely and she could not be more happy!


There is only one cast so she will dance in 10 shows over 3 weekends. It is going to be a lot of work, but so looking forward to it!

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Casting is in and DD is quite pleased!


She warned the younger girls to keep their Clara expectations in check, but of course some are broken hearted today :-( poor girls. Sad dancers are just inevitable with Nutcracker.

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Our Nutcracker auditions aren't until this weekend, and casting will be announced on October 1st. I'm actually more anxious about it than DD. It's not casting that I'm wondering about (not primarily at least)- it's the rehearsal schedule! We are at a new studio, and I really have no idea what it will be. I can't wait to get my hands on the schedule so I know what our October-December will be like.

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Congratulations to all who have already learned their Nutcracker roles! Two more days until auditions for us. Last night DD13 spent her post-homework hours studying DVDs of the past 5 Nutcrackers, observing changes in the choreography over the years and practicing/marking several different roles in our living room. She really doesn't have her heart set on any particular role, but there are several she would be capable of so it will be interesting to see what comes. It's all she can think or talk about (in all honesty, I am surprised her grades haven't been affected).

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I'm glad I didn't find this topic earlier as our casting was such a roller coaster...DD14 initially got something much less than expected. It wasn't just disappointment, it was confusion...it just was not the way casting normally goes there. On top of that, this was the first year she was eligible for her dream part, Clara, and she was cast as understudy ...to a younger girl. While understudying is usually exciting, this particular move was hard to interpret ("guess I'll never be Clara" - also it was first time they've ever even cast an understudy for Clara so no history to look to). Anyway, to my great surprise, she picked herself up and went to school and class the next day with a smile on her face, head held high, and usual excellent work ethic. She conjured excitement for her roles and was gracious to everyone. I was so impressed that she could go from a puddle of tears to smiling and professional that quickly.


Two days later...they announced two new shows with a second cast - but we had to wait another week for the cast list. Excruciating. Much mental flipping between sure that she would be Clara (she was the understudy after all), or that any number of other things would happen. In the end DD got Clara! She was beyond thrilled. She has said that this is a case where if you just do your job and be patient, everything will work out. Unfortunately, some of the older girls with the most demanding parts were not happy about having to learn more parts and go to more rehearsals and perform on pointe so many hours (the two shows added are same day as the other shows!) Their grumbling took some air out of her great achievement. But not too much!


So that was our Nutty rollercoaster.

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RaisingBallerina, I feel your pain about the rollercoaster ride! You should be very proud of your daughter and how she handled herself, that shows real maturity!

I am surprised that there are dancers who are grumbling about more dancing.

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DD14 is a freshman this year and decided to skip Nutcracker to focus on her studies in her new high school. It has proven to be a wise move as she literally has her nose in a textbook or computer all weekend. And, the Nut casting at her studio is just crazy, crazy, crazy this year - even more than usual. Several girls have already dropped out because they didn't get the role they wanted. It seems that our universe is somehow out of whack without Nut rehearsals all weekend long.

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Nutcracker question. This is my DD second time doing the party scene. Last time we curled her hair rather than use a hair piece but this year she also is in the opening scene after intermission. To get her hair curled, I had to use a lot of hairspray and gel to hold the curls. But this year her hair will have to be in a standard bun for the second act. She has red hair and I have had trouble finding a hairpiece to match . Any suggestions?

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DD spent a few years with the curl to bun challenge, it always worked out just fine. Backstage she can just put her hair up into a pony tail with out thoroughly brushing the hair out, just smooth the scalp area. The curls can be fairly easily twisted up into a bun.

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So as to not get off-topic too far, know that there are many existing threads discussing "Nutcracker hair", "Part Girl Hair", "Clara Curls", etc. A Search will yield useful information and a much better place to continue hair discussions. :thumbs up:.

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I'm trying to gauge the impact of Nutcracker casting on resume for college dance programs and trainee positions. DD is 16 and did not get any high profile roles that involve partnering and coaching like Snow Queen, Dewdrop or Sugar Plum. Instead she got Chinese. Does anyone know if these roles are considered as students apply for traineeships and college ballet programs?

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