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Returning to ballet after health issues


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I'm turning 17 in November and had to stop dancing from December till about now as I was diagnosed with several hormonal problems. Before I stopped I was training relatively intensively and was hoping to make it professionally as a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, my hormonal problem caused me to gain a large amount of weight (almost 15kg). I still want to try to dance professionally but will certainly need help getting back into shape. Does anyone have any advice regarding starting ballet again after a long break and getting back into shape? I've been doing yoga and recently started on contemporary and ballet classes (ballet privates with an old teacher of mine who kindly offered to re-train me). I'm starting with only 1 1 hour ballet class a week and 1/2 contemporary and am going to try to do cardio daily and go for Pilates before building up the number of technique clssses. Is this okay?

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Nataliedancer, I'm sorry to hear that you had to be off for so long, but very glad that you are now able to start classes again. What is enough for you at this point has to be up to you and your physician, in terms of your health. If you have not been given any specific limits, then I would think that you could go with your own feelings of how much you can handle right now, and when you feel ready to add more classes. We wish you the very best in your journey to get back into intensive training. :)

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