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A plea from your pas partner


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Not comfortable posting this in cross talk but I have a request for you adults that do Pas De Deux classes or have a teen that does. Please, please, please do not wear backless leotards in class. Hands can easily slip into embarrassing locations that makes all involved a little uncomfortable. (And slipping on a t shirt makes you difficult to lift :wink: )

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I couldn't imagine that! I mean, a good deal of my leotards have very low backs, but if pdd classes were available I would never wear them for that--ever. It seems like the teacher should say something to the ladies about it, just as a general reminder.

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I have never taken a pas class, but do have a teenaged daughter who does regularly. At some point in time, when she had one of her first classes which was at an SI, she was told types of leotards to avoid for these classes. At her ballet school, it was a non-issue as they wore uniforms.

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hmmm That is probably a very good idea and I can 100% understand what problems could arise but I have to say I have done a lot of pas de duex in a lot of backless leo's and never had any incident . I can certainly see I may just be lucky! :clover: I think I will reconsider for future classes because that WOULD be embarrassing! :blushing:

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From my PDD experiences... NO rhinestones (ugh) and jewelry, it can scratch a partner up. Most times, it doesn't matter much, but those nylon/spandex type leotards can be a lot more slippery for lifts and assists than something more fabric textured like cotton.

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