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"Barre"exercise classes are not created equal

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I do a couple of contemporary classes most weeks, as well as <gasp> street dance (which I am terrible at) to supplement ballet. I figure that dancing is dancing. And on days when I'm not at the studio I run, or do weights at the gym.


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leopard dancer

Barre fit classes are starting to replace adult ballet classes in my area.  I know they are becoming more popular with women. I am looking to get back to adult ballet class after an unplanned hiatus. One of my ballet teachers and studio owner had barre fit classes in the summer session, but not the fall before.  I  guess she had to change for the times. I  know adult ballet week to week attendance is not always there as often it was just me coming to class weekly sometimes. I  am willing to do barre fit classes myself. But, I  really want to return to my ballet classes. 

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