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Pre-professional school that accepts older students?

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I am currently looking for any pre-professional school (preferably not in big cities, housing cost too high) that will accept older students. I know CPYB does but are there any other schools that also have amble hours of dancing technique per week? I am no where near the professional level but am also not a beginner. I have looked at the schools that are local but many of them do not offer enough hours. I will be taking time off from college and wanted to immerse myself in dancing. Thank you so much for your time!

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I must say your introduction in the Welcome Forum specifies the Bay Area however based on this question, I suggest you pick a school in a location you find financially acceptable and begin the research. Most professional schools would also require an audition for entrance. The older one is, the expectation of a higher the level of achievement is more likely. Professional schools are in the business of training people for a career in ballet. Let us know what you find. Merde!

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Hi vrsfanatic!


You are right, maybe the better question to ask is which schools do not have an audition. I am currently looking at CPYB and Master Ballet Academy but would love it if anyone can add on to this. Thanks!

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Do you want a school with the same set of students taking more or less the same classes, where there is the expectation that all students are moving towards a career? Or do you want a place where you can dance several hours a day at levels appropriate to you with high-level teachers? When i spent a couple weeks in San Francisco this summer, I found there were several places (Alzonzo King Lines, SF City Ballet, etc) with classes during the day, and a lot of them. They were generally noted as intermediate to advanced and that included professional dancers picking up extra classes. They're drop-in classes (no auditions) for adults. While SF definitely counts as expensive big city, if you find something affordable on the BART line (or CalTrain), it wouldn't be too hard to commute. The different big name schools are not far from each other either. Also, if you are okay with a small place and roommates, you can often find things that are much more affordable than a one-bedroom apartment.

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Hi! Sorry for being so unclear in my question. I am only considering school programs for the academic year (not just adult drop in classes). So students taking the same classes with the expectation of moving towards a career is exactly it! I have definitely been to Lines and City Ballet but unfortunately drop in classes don't do much for me since most of the teachers' goals is to get folks moving and maintaining their level on dance with slow improvement. I am definitely looking for something close to CPYB. Where most students are accepted and expectations and dedication from dancers and teachers are high.

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There is no audition for MBA, you have to do a placement class and talk to the director. I I have been emailing MBA and from what I can tell, they are open to older dancers but not anyone too behind.

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