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Vaganova? Summer intensives?


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Hi I'm fourteen and I dance five days a week. I recently had a conference with the artistic director and another teacher at my studio. I went to Kirov over the summer and I feel that I have improved a lot and the Vaganova technique made me much stronger, which is something I have been working on my whole life. My artistic director said that Vaganova is not necessarily flattering on me and it trains you to "look a specific way." What does he mean? I am 5'7", I have long arms and legs and short torso (though I lack the typical archly feet and hyperextension of a Vaganova dancer). I was originally thinking of going back to Kirov next summer but I don't want to make the wrong decision. Sorry if I was confusing. What do I do? What's a good SI for a tall, thin, dancer who is more flexible than strong?

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I have been teaching the Vaganova syllabus for almost 30 years and have never seen a student who did not improve after a few weeks. My guess is that your AD does not agree with the results of KAB. Vaganova schooling cannot be learned in a 4 - 6 week summer program so perhaps he is disappointed with the beginning of a process and does not have the education to continue with this type of work.


If Vaganova schooling is what you would like to pursue, you just may have to find a different school. There are quite a few in the US, but you may have to relocate in order to do so. There are quite a few available. I believe there is a thread dedicated to this very subject.

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