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falling back

Guest mic31

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Guest mic31

when I'm standing in releve with one leg in passe, I always seem to fall back. The weakness seems to be coming from my standing leg. if I do the same action accept have my standing leg firmly on the floor I don't seem to fall back............help!!!!:)

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Sounds like you are not moving your body weight far enough forward and over the supporting toes, mic. Remember that when you rise your center of gravity is further away from the floor, so while you might be able to hold the position on flat while being slightly back, it won't work when you rise. You must get your body weight forward! Also be sure that the quad and buttox muscles of the supporting leg are fully engaged.


If your feet are very stiff and you don't have a high demi point this would also cause you to fall back. Be sure you are getting to the very top of your demi pointe position. Use the barre to feel your balance point, and when you let go do not allow the weight to move backwards. If you are going to fall anywhere make it forward! ;)

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I can relate! It helps to have someone yelling "shorten in front and lengthen your back!!" ;)


Don't pull up so much that you're sending your weight up and back - while you're pulling up in your legs and hips, think of your ribs pulling down a bit to meet the front of your pelvis. Sometimes I imaging a little suspender clip or bungee cord between the bottom of my ribs and the front of my pelvis (keeps you from sticking your ribs out). Just don't pull down so much in from that you're hunching or contracting. Keep lengthening your back. And think to yourself "shoulders over hips over ###### of toes".


I find that it helps if before class I either lie down and think about lengthening my back (like you would do in a floor bar class). Then try to recapture that feeling while you're standing at the barre. You can also do this standing up against at wall. You'll see how far forward you really need to be to balance properly!

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