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Son passionate, worried about moving


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I posted about my son before. He is very passionate and begged to take ballet from early on. He started at a place that was clearly just recreational and all about the recitals. Then he moved in to a much more serious place, Vaganova style. Things fell a part there. The studio had a shake up (death) with the owners and instruction went down hill big time. He transferred this past year to a new studio that is more of an American style. He LOVES it. He never wants to leave.


My husband got laid off yesterday. Yeah. So, he is applying to new jobs. Son is so sad. He is afraid he won't end up in a place as great as where he is now. There are a lot of boys, including teen boys. I do not know how to find the good studios. My husband is willing to limit where he looks for new jobs to places where there are good studios. But we need to figure this out first. Please help!

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So sorry to hear about the challenge you are facing! There are so many choices for ballet training. I would target a few programs in cities that might have job prospects then ask on the specific thread if anyone has current info on the training for boys. I hope to hear your search is fruitful!

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We do have a "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" Forum that is arranged alphabetically by State (and sometimes further by region or city). So, once you have some target areas, I would suggest you check out the applicable threads for those areas and continue asking questions there.

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job loss is so scary and stressful. How old is your son? I think it's really important to prioritize the financial security of your whole family first and foremost. Many large cities (and some smaller places too of course!) have good dance training--see where the best job opportunities are and then start looking for dance training that works for your family.

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