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Arched Back and Hip Clicking


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Okay so my number one correction from all my teachers is that, I'm sticking my pelvis out and that I'm leaning back. I kind of think it might be a part of my back, because it is a constant problem. Also, I have minor scoliosis, could that be part of the problem? Then, whenever I tuck in my pelvis my hip makes a clicking or popping sound. These problems are really frustrating and I'm just wondering if there is any solution for my hip popping, or anything I can work on to help my arching back.

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Without seeing you it is very hard to know, but one thing for sure is that you must not "tuck" your pelvis. That causes you to sit in your hips, puts your weight back in your heels, and can cause all sorts of problems. If your training has not taught you how to align your body, place your weight, and use the right muscles in the right way, then it may be time for you to look at different training.

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