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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Ballet Diversity: Race, Equity, and Otherness in Ballet and Society

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In a conversation moderated by Jennifer Homans, Benjamin Millepied and Virginia Johnson will discuss ballet’s position as an art form often denounced for perpetuating traditions at odds with racial diversity, equality and justice.





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Thank you for sharing julisha! A wonderful conversation.

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"Classical ballet has a diversity problem and its stars know how to fix it"




(Via WFAA)


An article in the Dallas TV News that may add to this discussion as well

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Yes, thanks for sharing, the article AND the video.

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I truly enjoyed that artile BebeJ - thanks for sharing!

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BebeJ, thank you for posting this.  I must be feeling sensitive today--Mr. Boal's writings brought tears to my eyes.  To see that a man of influence and in a position of power is such a deep thinker and understands the struggle for dancers of color (black dancers in particular), touched me.  And to know that the future for dancers like my daughter may be more possible than years past gives me renewed hope.

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I can not access the video through the link in the first post but I am very interested in it!

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