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Hi! I am a ballet fan, I'm looking into getting beginner classes at the age of 16, but until then I am learning about the very basics of ballet. I am wondering if I have good turnout, the picture of my turnout can be found here [. . . .]. I would also like some tips on improving my turnout. I have never done ballet before.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Crogers16.


It's great that you are a ballet fan, and that you plan to start classes! Once you have started, hopefully you will be taught how to use and improve your rotation, but first you need to learn several other things. It's sort of like needing to learn ABC before you get to XYZ. :) At the very beginning you need to learn how to stand correctly and align your bones. And then you need to learn how to feel your balance point and control zone, which involves the alignment and the weight placement. Hopefully, with good teaching, you will learn exactly HOW to rotate the legs, where that rotation comes from, how much you can safely use at this point in time, and of course exercises to improve it over time.


There are many exercises for rotation, but you need to learn them in class, not here. We cannot give you these exercises until you have had enough training to fully understand them. We also cannot tell from the photo, which shows only the lower legs and feet, whether you have good rotation or not. Rotation starts from the hips. It's a whole leg thing, not just the feet! But it would be best to learn that from your teacher, who, after working with you, will be able to tell you what your range of rotation is at this time.


I wish you the very best of luck in finding a really good school, and getting started in your classes! Please do come back and tell us about it once you have begun. Until then, I'm going to close this topic, not because it's not a good topic, but because our many very helpful young dancers will chime in and tell you things to do that worked for them. It is too soon for that to happen since you have no training. So, when you come back after some classes, please start a new topic. :D

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