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How to prepare for the first whole weekend of dancing? (Weekend Intens


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this is my first question in this nice forum.


I started ballet half a year ago when I was 40.

I'm currently taking three classes a week, each with 60 minutes duration.

All are regular classical ballet classes of different levels by different teachers including all parts you can fit into 60 minutes (sometimes jumps get dropped, more often we skip turns).


I was used to attend weekend workshops and week long dance camps when I was an active swing dancer (mainly Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues). My training for that I got through the regular parties with several hours of dancing in a row.


But now with ballet I have no extra dancing and I guess I will not be able to endure 5 hours of ballet in a row or even three days of that in a row.


What can I do to prepare to be able to endure a whole weekend of ballet?


I'm asking this here as younger students more often already have whole dance week as their regular dance education.


Any ideas or other help?


Thank you


(the name is an hommage to a russian ballet dancer ;-) )

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Welcome Kalashnikov. Please introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum and familiarize yourself with our rules and policies. Young dancers are not permitted to respond on the Adult Form and Adults are not permitted to participate on the Young Dancers Forums.

As for your question, I suggest you jump right in and dance. There is nothing to prepare. You might get fatigued for a bit but most likely the joy of participating will take over and your adrenalin will kick in.



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Hi Kalashnikov, as we get older we are more prone to injury, especially when doing things our bodies are not that used to. It is very helpful that you have this experience with other forms of dance, but you'll still probably find some sore areas.


I recommend ice packs just in case. Be extra careful to warm up well every time you dance. Perhaps bring a yoga mat, tennis ball, or a foam roller, depending on what is available in your workshop and what helps you. Bring extra dance gear with you in case you need leg warmers or warmth on other parts of your body, or just in case of rips or water accidents. A water bottle is helpful for staying hydrated (I also love an iced metal bottle to roll out my tight calves and other places, but that's me).


Have a wonderful time!

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Thank you for your hints and wishes!


I already use a foam roller prior to every class.

The idea to bring ice packs is really new. I like that.


I'll try to have some days with more than just one class before, to check how that works for me.




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Keep yourself safe, watch your body. Have fun and then...


- bring enough replacement shirts etc....

- bring enough snacks + water and use them, this weekend is not for loosing weight


Be prepared - the monday will get hard, but such weekends are worth it.

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Welcome Kalashnikov. I'm glad you found us.


Many of us here know about aging bodies! I'd say that one way to get ready for a weekend of dancing is to increase other forms of activity as a way of conditioning yourself and cross training. You could start doing properly trained & supervised weight lifting at a gym (light weights and controlled repetitions), or cross training in aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, cycling, running, rowing, or swimming. Just walking briskly for 30 minutes or so each day would help.


Have a wonderful time!

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Thank you all for your input.


I just tried two classes in a row. As that went quiet well I think I'll make it the whole workshop ;-)


I will consider your further recommendations for the weekend!



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Back in August I did my first ever intensive - 4 hours 30 a day for a week. Here's how I prepared.


I started a new, more frequency and volume based workout plan with 3 weeks to go and at one point cracked 12 consecutive days training. I wanted to build up work capacity and conditioning more than anything else.


Then I stopped and did nothing for the three days beforehand.


I always had a litre of water with me in class. It was August and most of the Place's studios were sweltering, but even so I usually finish one in ballet class. Refill between classes.


You will probably eat like a horse. Two things: get a good breakfast, and also, once you've had lunch, get some sugar as an immediate kicker before you get back in the studio. The local minimum before the meal kicks in is really hard otherwise - I felt it because suddenly I couldn't remember the choreography.


Do drink another litre of water once you're done.


Probably more for a week-long job, but watch out for the delayed impact. I was fine and happy the weekend after, so much so I hit the gym twice and even thought I might take class! But then, on the Monday about 1030, I got up to make coffee at work and...huh. I wasn't just stiff, I felt frankly ill, weak, and cranky, as if all those battements fondus had hit all at once.

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