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Sun King Dance 2017


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Hi All,

Sun King Dance just announced their camp and workshop schedule. Camps: Richmond, June 18-24, August 13-19 & Saratoga Springs September 3-9, Ballet Workshop: Richmond August 7-11. As a past participant, these camps are wonderful and worthwhile experience. Check the Sun King Dance website: sunkingdance.com for further details. Look forward to seeing you at camp!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'd absolutely kill to go - but pretty pricey to make it from the UK!


Are there many 'internationals' turning up?


Better get saving then....

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Thanks for your message. Yes, indeed there are many people who come to the Sun King programs from other countries. I've met people from Canada, Australia, Japan and China. Some are even repeat participants! I'm sure there are other countries represented as well. Hope you can attend now or in the future!

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Doormouse - I'm from London and a few of us are eyeing up the June camp. Flights are crazy expensive at the moment for those dates - I'm trying to get one plane ticket with connection instead of separate tickets, and they're around £900 at the moment. Hoping for them to come down to around £550.


A friend has found separate tickets for around £450. However I'm wary - previously traveled on separate tickets, and once one leg is delayed the rest of the tickets are in jeopardy.


Which camp are you thinking about?

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  • 5 weeks later...

I just happened to be on their website today and it looks like all of the camps except Richmond have a note that they're not being offered in 2017. Really bummed since I was hoping to be able to do the Saratoga Springs camp this year!


Anyone know anything more about this?

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Arciedee, there has been a family issue that may have caused this.

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Hi All,

While the Saratoga Springs camp has been cancelled this year, the two Richmond camps-- June 18-24 and August 13-19 are being held as usual. A great experience--hope to see you in Richmond!

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am from Australia (Perth) and I have booked for the August camp. This will be my 8th camp since 2009. I think that speaks for itself about how highly I regard these camps, and how I love seeing all my dear dance camp friends. It is around 30 hours travelling from Perth to Richmond, but SO worth it.


A family issue has meant that Heidi wasn't able to run all the usual camps this year.

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  • 8 months later...

Has anyone heard about 2018 yet?  I messaged for info several weeks ago so that I could start saving/planning... but so far no reply.

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