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Studio romance?


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I'm wondering if, in your experience you've found that young dancers who become pas de deux partners develop feelings for each other. I think I'm witnessing this and just anecdotally I'm wondering if it something that happens amongst young dancers.


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Well, it happens at least sometimes! My son fell in love with the girl he was partnered with for pas de deux classes at his SI. She was 15 and he was 16. I remember when I talked to him that evening and asked him how his first day of SI went, he mostly just told me how pretty his pas partner was and what an amazing dancer she was.


Fast forward 1.5 years later, she's now 17 and he's now 18. They're crazy in love with each other, dancing together at a residential ballet program, and daydreaming of getting married,dancing for the same company, and living happily ever after.

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Aw Slhogan that is a sweet story. My dancer is a bit younger but I really do sense her being a bit thunderstruck. I know dancing together kind of throws them together in ways they wouldn't otherwise be. I was just wondering if it was a rite of passage or something more rare. Anyway, whatever it is it's adorable.

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My daughter fell in love with her pas de deux partner when she was 15 and he was 16, same as slhogan's daughter. In my kiddo's case, they were practicing a new lift, the visiting choreographer wasn't spotting them and the dancer dropped my daughter head-first. She got a concussion, a sprained shoulder and a boyfriend. They were together for 3 years. He's a great guy, now a soloist at a large European ballet company, and a top-notch ballet partner. He always was. It was the choreographer's fault.


Over the years I made costumes for that pre-professional school, I saw many ballet partnerships blossom into real-life partnerships, with several couples getting married. It's surprising how often that happens at the pre-professional level. It's very common, of course, at the professional ballet companies.

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Very interesting, vagansmom. I have to think that dance might provide an opportunity to be physically closer than under usual circumstances and if there's any other kind of interest between the partners that things just blossom. I'll be sure to watch to see how or if this develops. I just find it kind of poignant and adorable.

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DD (19) at European pre-pro school talks about how some pas de deux partnerships work better than others. One couple are particularly well suited and dance beautifully together, although are not romantically involved.

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Yes I think that pas partnerships vary widely (and wildly). DS has had a couple different pas partners along the way and his view is "just don't if you can help it". It seems that romance is great when everything goes well but having to dance together after things have gone badly is typically a pretty unpleasant experience. As a teacher commented in the studio recently "I am supposed to be seeing romantic love here! All I am seeing is anger and resentment. Can you two sort it out??" :yucky:

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