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Les Sylphides Prelude Variation


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Does anyone know the Les Sylphides Prelude and if it is considered an easy variation? It looks easy when I watch Natalia Makarova do it. Does it only look that easy because she's the one doing it?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Zannah.


Actually, it is not at all an easy variation! Yes, Makarova is wonderful, but so are many other top dancers who have performed this variation. Sometimes things that appear simple can really be quite difficult. This one requires exceptional control and artistry, which can often be more difficult than variations with lots of turns and jumps. :)


(I edited your post to fix the typo in the title and add capitalization where needed in the text.)

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Allison DeBona at Ballet West is a fairly high profile dancer who took time off during high school.

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