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Question about shape of feet


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Hello all, I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but hopefully it will be ok here:) My latest ramble will be on feet, which I have found a handful of old topics about, but more specifically about how difficult it will be to have a successful career in ballet if you have mediocre feet and also ways that you can use your foot shape to your advantage. I know there are some threads on this already and I didn't know if I should start a new one or not, so feel free to merge this thread with an existing one if that will be better. First of all, I have bad feet. I think they have improved in the past several years, but I know I can't ever expect to have a "high arch." My teachers say that something of overall importance when it comes to any foot shape is how you use your feet and how you can roll through your shoes, but even with that I know it might not be enough to, for lack of a better word, hide the fact that my feet aren't great. I guess I'm just looking for insight on some ways that I can develop "better" feet (higher arch/instep) and some tips on how best to use my feet to their fullest potential. One thing I've also noticed about several dancers with less than ideal feet is that hyperextension of their legs do a great deal to make their lines look better, but unfortunately I don't have any hyperextension either. I was also curious if the shape of the legs in terms of muscles rather than hyperextension had anything to do with helping your foot and leg line out or if maybe it's just genetics. Anyways, this is turning into a jumble of thoughts I've had at this point, but I'm genuinely interested in hearing from everyone what their thoughts are on bad feet and whether or not it has a large effect on one's dancing abilities (assuming the arch isn't entirely flat and the dancer is able to go en pointe with straight legs). Maybe this should go in cross talk? My ultimate goal is to one day get a job and it would be really helpful to know if anyone has some experience/thoughts on whether or not the shape of my feet could hold me back. Thanks!

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Learning to work with what you have is the best one can do when it comes to feet. You cannot change the height of your arch. Make sure you do not roll in or out. No sickling. Using a very high demi pointe will help a bit.

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It may limit where you can dance. Perhaps not a career.

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