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I'm on holiday break after Nutcracker and I don't start class again till January 9. I have some earlier SI auditions this year and I was wondering what would be some good cross training exercises to stay in shape. I have been doing some Pilates (roll ups, 5 part abdominal series) as well as some Stretching. My only problem is that I'm not sure Stretching is safe without doing cardio before hand. I'm not close to a pool so swimming is out of the question, but what are some other cardio options that are smart for ballet dancers? Thanks! :)

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Warming up before any flexibility stretches is important. Cardio is fine for feeling warm, but certain stretching exercises, like those for extension, need barre work first. It's not hard to do that at home. I have done barre work in very small spaces like hotel rooms, kitchen, or any where you can have something to hold on to and a little bit of space. :D

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Thanks Ms. Leigh! :) For barre work do you think just doing plies, tendus, deggages, and rond de jambes would be sufficient?

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No, I think you need to at least add pass├ęs, fondu, developp├ęs, and grand battement.

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