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What do you do if your DD progresses quicker than her classmates?


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Hello All,


I am looking for advice on next steps for my DD. I have a 15 year old DD that is in a level at her ballet school that is below where she should be, because she started ballet at 12. She started pointe a year ago and worked very hard this summer in a SI and private lessons, and really gained a great amount of skill on pointe. However, now this school year her class is a beginning pointe class, and it looks like they could be mostly at the bar the entire school year. (They get about a half hour twice a week of pointe.) In another private over the holidays, she realized she could not do the same combinations on pointe that she could easily do on pointe this past summer. She broke down crying. Her thought is that since she has not worked on this during the school year, she is out of practice for center work on pointe, and not as comfortable as she once was on pointe. It was recommended by her private teacher that we try to get her into a class that would challenge her more, and thought if we did not get this under control it could have a great impact mentally on her dancing. Looks like we are going to have to talk with her school to see what we could do, but if that conversation in unproductive. Any suggestions on great options to help her progress? Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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Does the school offer pointe classes for specific levels?


At my DD's school, dancers are placed according to their skill level in pointe class. Since everyone progresses at different rates, while dancers may have started pointe work at the same time those who are progressing more quickly can move up to a class that meets their need.

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If the conversation with the school differs greatly from the opinion of her private instructor (is she from the same school?), perhaps it is time to look at a different school.

There are some schools that are quite large and it makes it a little easier for a dancer to get lost in the cracks. If this is such a place, it's possible they have not noticed or have no way of noticing that your dd's pointe skills have dramatically improved. Or perhaps they have noticed but see that there are still some issues to correct. No way to know unless you ask.

Dd experienced a summer where she lost some skills and it was difficult coming home and finding that out. While she grew stronger in other ways, she struggled for a while to get back where she had been. It does come back and will come back quickly but it's not overnight. She needs to be patient and keep working. Hard to do that if there is no opportunity though.

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