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2017 European Audition Journeys


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My DD is embarking on the European audition circuit when she returns to Europe shortly. She sent her CV, photos and link to on-line video to a number of companies, some not inviting her, but a number who have invited her to attend an audition. She has a couple of flights booked for auditions on consecutive weekends and fortunately is attending along with other students from her school so they are staying in the same hotel. Another audition in February is in a city where we have relatives she can stay with, which will be lovely for her and hopefully make things a little less stressful.

She feels well prepared and is looking forward to the auditions and the opportunity to visit some beautiful cities.

It will be interesting hearing about her experiences and I'm hoping that all her hard work, perserverence and resilience will be rewarded!

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Good luck to her. She is a beautiful dancer and I hope she finds a job . We all know how difficult it is!

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First audition done and dusted. She got to the second round but no further but was pleased with how it went and enjoyed the experience of visiting another city/country especially in the snow.

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That's awesome Clutterbug. Merde to your DD for all of her upcoming auditions. Can't wait to hear all of the updates!

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Congratulations to her for getting to the second round and good luck with the rest of the auditions.

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Another audition in another not previously visited city! No one else DD knew was attending the same audition so she was on her own in terms of organising travel, transfers, accommodation etc. I did however pass on lots of great tips gleaned from this forum. All the planning paid off and DD dealt with a few hiccups well. She arrived the day before and walked from her apartment to the audition venue so that would take away some of the stress on the day. She discovered that a friend of a friend was also auditioning and then unexpectedly an old school friend too!

The audition went very well, with result in a month. So impressed that she organised everything and dealt with the challenges; different language, culture, currency etc....

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Good to hear and of course good luck with the outcome. I find travelling within Europe to auditions is very educational as they do have to learn to get around by themselves though I have to admit that I helped out with the finding of accommodations and cheap transport mainly at the beginning because of the language Sometimes I felt as though I could have been a travel agent!

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I was reading through the archived threads about European auditions and was struck with how tight the job market was for dancers a few years back, sounding like a lot of Companies scaling back and some even closing.  I am wondering what it's like right now, would love to hear updates from dancers who have auditioned in Europe recently!

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That is fantastic news wannabe, a big Congrats to your DD!  Do you have any advice for dancers in the US who are interested in auditioning in Europe?  My DD is wondering how she would figure out which places she could target, is there a resource like Ballet Talk for European Companies?  Any advice would be most appreciated!

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My DD went to the Grand Audition, it was a fabulous experience for her and she was offered several contracts. There is a separate post about it: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/63257-grand-audition/?do=findComment&comment=650618 

As she was at a European school she attended a few other auditions and her director advised on the companies she was most suited to. It was a crazy expensive time!



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