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Pre-professional programs for older dancers (Any Location)

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Hello, I'll be specific and ask the question I'd like to ask. Is there any schools where their application age limit extends to 22/23? I'm 22 and I'd love to try and persue ballet. I understand that due to my age it's extremely unlikely, and if I were to get anything it wouldn't be glamerous. I've been doing ballet for over 11 years, with a fixed intensive 5 years at a school when I was 13-18. Unfortunately my parents didn't want me to continue Ballet and I had to study a different course, which I finish this year. And after working during this time, I've saved enough to cover the fees of a school myself, which is why I'm open to suggestions from any locations? I'm currently situated in the UK but I'd willingly move to America, anywhere in Europe, etc...


Any suggestions are welcome :)

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Chezzy, look at the " Post-grad/Company School training" Forum: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=170


The schools are listed alphabetically, so they are easy to find. Read through the ones that interest you and check their websites for admission standards.


As we have a whole forum dedicated to post-secondary school training, your questions are best directed to the individual training program threads. Good luck with your research! :thumbsup:

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Thank you for your reply.


I'm currently going through every post and trying to figure out which schools are offering programs as opposed to just drop in classes and then figuring out the requirements. I've emailed a lot of places so far, as many don't make it easy to find out the age requirements. I was just curious and hoping if there's some I may have missed that users here may have experience with.

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You'll probably find more when you research through the threads, but Pittsburgh Ballet has a graduate program.

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Ballet West is up to 26yrs

Alonzo King Lines is 24yrs

Hubbard Street is 24yrs


There are others - City Ballet, San Fran Conservatory, California Ballet School that are up to 23-24yrs. Depending on where you live & are willing to travel, I would just take a block of time & research specifics of summer intensives. The age range is usually listed with the SI info.

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Thanks, I haven't actually looked at any of those yet so that's great. I'm open to travelling anywhere really, providing I would meet the language requirements of the country and school.

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Chezzy, it is not necessary to quote the posts you are responding to--especially if they immediately precede yours. Just go down to the bottom of the page and write in the empty box, then hit the "post" button.

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Chezzy, check in with Nutmeg Ballet too. They used to, but I'm not sure if that's something they're still doing.

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I looked at Nutmeg, I believe there's an age limit that I don't meet, though I cant seem to find it on their website at the moment.

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