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La difference....?


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I need to borrow or buy a not too expensive tutu skirt or tutu dress for a Les Sylphides performance.

I found a lovely corset style leo on Discount dance but can't find a nice skirt which will also fit well.

My questions are; can anyone point me in the direction of a nice Romantic tutu skirt? Or indeed a dress?

Also, what is the difference between a Juliet style tutu and a Romantic one?


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There is a new Juliet tutu skirt at discount dance which looks just like a romantic tutu....

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Ok, I had a look at their website, but because I'm in Australia it doesn't show me everything! It shows the items which they will ship to Aus, and then I can follow links to other items which they won't ship here. So I might be missing some of the options available.

Also, I thought that a classical tutu was a platter tutu made of stiff net, and a romantic tutu was a long skirt made of softer net/tulle, and that a Juliet dress was a high waisted dress with a soft skirt, so I'm not at all sure about the names of styles on discount dance!


Because you're asking for suggestions, I figure that you've already looked at Discount Dance and not found the perfect option there. Here's my take on the skirts on Discount Dance:

Double platinum satin romantic tutu- skirt is way way too short.

Natalie classical- length is better, but I can't tell the details of the waistband (could even just be a channel for elastic)

Natalie high waist Juliet- skirt length is good, depends on whether you like the very wide waistband extending above the natural waist. I'm not super keen on that waistband, but that is personal preference.

Chaccot professional romantic- this looks nicest to me (long full skirt, nice waistband), but it's also the most expensive by a lot!

Leo's Juliet- looks a bit shorter, but I can't see details of the waistband. Might be too short if you're tall.

Capezio Juliet- looks short and cheap, the skirt doesn't look soft and floating.


So most of the Juliet skirts are shorter length, sitting around the knee, which is a bit too short for Les Sylphides.


Will you be close to the audience or further away? If you are far away then you could get away with one of the cheaper ones even if it doesn't have a proper waistband. If you'll wear it multiple times it might be worth investing in a more expensive skirt. Another option would be to make one, or have one made for you. It's not difficult sewing, just awkward dealing with large amounts of tulle.

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I love Revolution Dance. You must set up an account with your ballet teacher/school but then you can be the contact person for it and not bother the teacher/admin. Their prices are reasonable, the quality is decent (not perfect), and the sizes on most items range from small children to 2X adult. My adult class has bought two dresses there. The first was true to size as based on the stated measurements on their site. The second was one size too big for everyone except for me (2 sizes too big) but we were able to make exchanges. Customer service is very good, though they won't even talk to you about costumes until you have an account. If items are in stock, they ship very quickly. If they aren't, then it can take a while. Edited to add: You can use your personal credit card for orders and ship to any address, including your home.

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The Sansha Degas tutu is very nice. It has a soft tulle skirt so it's nice and flowy. Some of the romantic tutus I have tried have very stiff net skirts that don't move with you.

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OK thanks everyone! I actually found a costume designer on Etsy who can make me the perfect length tutu skirt for a very reasonable price; little more than the cost to rent one.

Problem is though I can't locate a nice white leotard which is a classic shape and fits well, as well as being somewhat supportive or which I can wear a bra with.

I ordered the discount dance corset look leotard but it is crazy tight, though my measurements should fit a medium fine! I ordered a large and it's so uncomfortable and shows ones less than washboard abs all too clearly :(

Any ideas for a nice leotard which I can get hold of within the next couple of weeks?

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