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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Traveling to dance tips

Victoria Leigh

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This topic comes from one started on the Moms and Dads forum, and we thought it might be good to hear from young dancers who have to travel a long way in the car every day to get to and from your ballet classes.


How do you spend the time to make it valuable? Do you sleep, do homework in the car, have good talks with your Mom or Dad, read ballet books :), or what do you do?

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Guest Lolly

I take one class a week in London, and travel on the train, it takes about an hour. I keep a notebook for that class which I write in on the way home. I try and remember all the exercises and enchainements we were given, and the corrections I received. I also write how the class went, like if it was one of those good days when it all went right or one of the bad ones where my centre was off all class and I couldn't get the hang of a new step etc. (I sometimes draw diagrams to show a new step to help me remember!) I also write down if one of the teachers said something that made me feel good (like if I improved at something). So it is a sort of ballet diary!


That class is my favourite one of all - I have only thought of this while writing now, but maybe the reason I get so much out of it is because I take the time to think about what I have learned, instead of just going straight home and forgetting everything! Reading back through, it is quite funny - the stuff I had trouble with last term is no longer a problem in some cases, and I can pinpoint the day when I learned something new, or when something good happened. I think it helps my memory too, to try and remember the exercises - I used to be hopeless and would only remember parts of them - the notebook is full of pages ending in "and it might have ended with chaines but I am not sure" or "I think it was a coupe but it might have been a tombe" but I think I am improving now!:)


Oh also, on the tube (subway?) I practise rises - the unstable floor helps my balance! But you can't do that in the car I suppose...

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Guest Sassybeaver

I use the bus to get to my classes and will use it to attend my School, OCHSA, I use and will use my time there to review and make some notation. It's also a great way to relax and really listen to the music ( portable CD player). It helps with your counts! They way back, I'll do my homework. I guess I can do it all in1+1/2 hours. It's a long time but I like the solitude. See y'all later!




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Guest Nadezhda

I comute quite often - 3 times a week. It only takes me about half an hour to get to my school with a bus, but I try to make a use out of that time. All in all one hour of comuting a day, three times a week is three hours and that is 12 hours in a month. And much can be done in 12 hours! :)


I usually try to do homework or read my (school) noteboks (trying to remember pieces of information) or revise what I've learned in school with help of "flip cards" (I think that's how they're called). Sometimes (when the exam times are over) I would read a book or talk to my friend. Sometimes I am very tired and use that half an hour to regain my strengths and therefor I do nothing on the bus. :D


Lolly, the idea about a dance diary is a really good one! I could make notes and try to remember combinations and keep reminding myself of the things I need to work on AND keep a list of ballet books I'd like to read and tapes of performances I'd like to see! :) Thanks for a wonderful idea! :D

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Guest Allegro

I drive myself 5 times a week, and call me a dork, but I usually listen to NPR All THings COnsidered, or NPR's Marketplace.

Dancers can be informed citizens, too! :)

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Guest pirrouette

Allegro, that is so cool that you listen to NPR! I do too, and I find 'All Things Considered' to be one of the best sources of info around! Since, during the past year, my classes began in the early afternoon, I was addicted to 'Talk of the Nation'. I'm still trying to get used to Neil Conan instead of Juan Williams!

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Guest Allegro

I am now sad that ballet is starting at 10 on Saturdays, instead of 11, because it is cutting into my "Car Talk" carride to the studio!!!

And I can never listen to "This American Life" during the ballet year. OH well.


Fellow nerds unite!:D

Not really...I generally know a little of what's going on, so I can debate better! And that is good for someone who always likes to win!:D

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Guest BBNButterscotch

Well, this is a tip more for the younger students, but my aunt drives my little cousins (age 3 and 5) to ballet class, which about 1/2 hr away. In the car, she puts on music from ballets, such as nutcracker or swan lake, or some of those ballet tapes for little kids, and they listen to the music and get psyched for class. Sometiems shes says that they make up little dances out loud... i think that so creative!


AS for me, sometimes I take the bus, during whcih I usually do my homework, or read a book. Or sometimes I just relax and reflect on the class coming up.

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Guest Balletmunky

Hmm. My ballet school is about 20 minutes walk and 5minutes by bus away so there's not really much time to do anything. If I feel like I need to get some weight off or particularly energetic I'll walk and sing, or jete down the street!

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How lucky you are to be able to walk to class! That would be a joy for me too. And what a great warm up! :huepfen:

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I am very lucky that I can go sometimes by car to my schools and it only takes me 10 minutes to there. When I don't have the car, I have to go to town by bus and then go from town to my school by bus. The first fifteen minutes I am just sitting in the bus and doing nothing and then when I have to chage bus to go to my school I meet my class mates and we talk the last five minutes, then we are there :blush:


My school has closed over vacation and therefore I go to a school which is further away. I have to go there by train and I always have some homework to do for my studies (my vacations are different from the ones in my school) or I have to learn something. When my vacations are on I read or have something to knit (or cross stich, what ever) with me and sometimes my walkman to listen to music. It is also nice to sew ribbons and elastics on new pointe shoes :huepfen: (Or knitting new legwarmers and stuff lol)

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I drive (well my mom drives me) to dance twice a week and the ride is 1 1/2 hours. On the way there, I do homework, and on the way back I talk to my mom about class, eat, and sleep. Hehe.

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I have a lot of commuting-usually about 1.5-2 hours a day... i drive myself, so i often use the time to listen to NPR :wub: -i love "On Point" and also "All things Considered"!! I also use the time to just think, reflect on my day, sing along with the radio, etc!

i'll admit, on several occasions i have found myself stuck in traffic, putting the car in park, and stretching my leg up to my ear! :clapping:

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I have to drive all the way downtown!! Only about 40 minutes with no traffic but during rush hour it can be about an hour! (It'd be shorter if I didn't fear the insane drivers on the interstate!). I just listen to music though.


If someone else drives me (occasionally) I read my dance books and stretch a little... maybe even sleep! (I'm always tired lately!)

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it takes me about an hour to walk to class, and i always have a copy of my ballet class music on cd so sometimes i take a cdplayer and listen to it-i find it gets me in the right frame of mind and i imagine what steps go with what beats so when i get to class, i have a refreshed memory of the combinations


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