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Thanking teacher at the end of a ballet class

Dark Horse Dancer

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Hi there


I recently joined a ballet associate class and just wondered about this thing I came across at the end of the class.

At the end of the class we all had to clap for eachother. Then suddenly, just after the teacher said thank you and thats the end of the class, all the students rushed towards him.

One girl curtseyed like she was at a ball, a boy shook the teachers hand and this other girl made the pray sighn and said something in a different language. I don't know if this was anything to do with the teacher being russian or something. I told him thank you very much and left but I don't know was that rude? Is there anything you're supposed to do at the end of a ballet associate class?


Please comment! I'd be really interested to know your thoughts




Dark Horse Dancer XXX




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It is custom for dancers to thank their teacher at the end of class. There are different rituals of doing this at different schools, but it is meant as a show of respect and appreciation.

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Applause is a very traditional way to end class... and I'll admit, I do not have my dancers do so at the end of my classes. However, everyone does a curtsy/bow, and then they all give a verbal "thank you." Then after the dancers have collected their belongs, and start to exit the room, a large percentage of them will give another verbal "Thank you GTLS," "Thanks," or "Thank you" as they walk out the door... for which I always return the same. It is always important for everyone to understand that we were all there to work hard, and that we should all be thankful for our time together.


As long as you felt that you were being respectful, I think you were fine to just say "Thank you."

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I try to give a reverence at the end of class, but I must admit, I sometimes run out of time. I also do not allow applause at the end of class, but I do expect a response to my thank you to the class and the accompanist. I personally would prefer a group curtsy from the young ladies and a bow from the young men rather than individual thanks from 13 people which takes time from the 10 minute break between classes. In our case, we sometimes need to change buildings, not just studios.


Ms Leigh is correct, it is a ballet tradition to thank the teacher at the end of class. As a beginner student we were taught to line up and curtsy/bow individually but after about my 4th year of ballet, we began doing a group reverence and my teacher turned and walked out of the room.

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Thank you Miss Leigh, GTLS and vrsfanatic for your replys! I think every school has a slightly different way of saying thankyou at the end of a class.


Again, Thank you so much!!! It's really great to know! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:wink:

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You are most welcomed!

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