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Hello! I'm fifteen and a month and I dance 5-6 days a week. I recently auditioned for ABT's summer program and I was wait listed. Last year, I got into Alabama (which I wasn't very happy about but it's better than nothing) but I didnt even get into that this year. I'm confused. I take eight technique classes per week and I feel I have improved a lot. I don't think that I am behind for my age either. I didn't go last year so maybe the think I'm not interested?

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No, I don't think last year has anything to do with it. They base this year on the dancers in front of them in any given audition. It is just a matter of where you are this year, and of course you have to realize that each year it gets more difficult in terms of their expectations for your age level. I do not believe that the teachers adjudicating the auditions have any information from previous years when they are holding the auditions. Every audidition is a new and different experience, unless you are a student they might remember from actually teaching you in the the SI before.

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Beth, please review our rules about double posting; your previous post has been removed.

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