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Monet, thank you so much for the additional details. One more question,  you say 'tough training' ...can you elaborate? Is it tough as in a demanding schedule and high standards or more tough as in the instructors are harsh/critical? Not sure if it is either one, but if you can expand on that a bit it would be much appreciated.

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To elaborate, when I say tough training, I am referring to a few different things.  First the standard are high, picking up the clean Balanchine technique is a strong focus.  My DD described classes where periods of time are spent on very small, particular details like a pinky finger.  So detail and high standards are common place.  Technique is highly important and the expectation are high.  The teaching however does match, it is outstanding! Dan danced under Balanchine and knows his stuff!!

The instruction though not necessarily harsh it is not soft by any means.  Students know where they stand, what is expected from them, and what needs to improve.  If a dancer is looking for a warm fuzzy, your perfect environment this is not the program.  If they want a small beginning tast of what a company is like and what being part of a corps is like this is the place.  It is run much like an actual company, and my DD said that is the biggest benefit she had moving to a professional company position. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Monet (or anyone else with insight), are you able to share any info on the residence halls/housing options nearby (walkable to the studios)? Names of the places I could check out?

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I will post later tonight with some info for you! 

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Fouronlychildren, BC does not offer residential housing.  When my DD was there we leaned a condo that was just a couple blocks from the ballet.  She shared it with a roommate.  This is what many of the out of state girls do.  Many end up getting apartments 20 minutes outside the city and take the train in.  That is a quite a bit less expensive than the condos and apartments right down town.  We just did not feel comfortable with her  or being very close to the studio.  The best way to find roommates is to email the ballet and let them know you are looking for roommates.  They are good about connecting people.  When I get home next week I will post the names the apartments that are close that I know girls have lived in.  Let me know if you have other questions. 

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Thanks, Monet. My DD is too young to live in an apartment or condo without adult support/supervision in a huge city. She’ll only be 14 at the beginning of the school year. I was thinking I had read there were residence halls nearby to serve Chicago area colleges/universities. Don’t get me wrong: DD is unusually mature and is already living away from home doing all her own shopping, cooking, laundry, and managing her intense dance/school load, but is doing so within the context of a family home. 

BC sounds like a great fit for her in another year or two. I’d love to live in Chicago with her, but my husband, younger child, and two pups would NOT love that idea.

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Yes, that is the only drawback.  There is no residential housing in Chicago.  My DD moved at 15, and the first year she was there her roommate was an 18 year old also from BC.  Also the condo we had was very safe, they had a staff member that was there 24 hours a day and had to buzz everyone in.  Also it had a huge monitored surveillance over the entire property.  So their are options as she gets older.

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Has anyone from BC been a part of the year-round school but only on a part-time basis? Either commuting within the city or from out-of-state? I'd like a little feedback if anyone has any -- logistics, how to figure out which days, etc. Thank you!

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Monet, I would love to know the name of the condo building where your daughter stayed. My 18 year old DD has been accepted to the studio company, and is looking for a place near the studios. Thank you.

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 Our condo was at 200 N. Dearborn, not far from BC at all.  It was perfect and close to ballet, shopping, and grocery.  It was super save with 24 hour door attendance and surveillance.  It has a workout room, laundry room, and indoor pool. We loved the workers at the front and they watched out for my dd like their own.  You can buy a condo there for between $250,000 and $400,000. You can lease one for between $1,300 and $2,500 depending what is open and how many bedrooms you need.  We just had a 1 bedroom and it was good size with plenty of space for 2 girls, 3 girls would work too.

My dd had a friend that lived in the MDA City Club apartments.  They are nice and in a good area too, close to the ballet.  It's at 63 Lake street.  I believe you can rent one for between $1,500 and $2,500 a month.

Infinite Chicago is another option.  This is where many Joffrey students live as Joffrey has a partnership with them, but it is not exclusive to Joffery.  This place runs more like a dorm or residence housing. It is strictly student housing from what I understand so it is basically dancers and college students.  It also has 24 hour security, but this is not a chaperoned setting.  The leasing process can be done completely on line so that is nice.  You can choose a private or shared room.  The website is chicagoinfinite.com.  Oh and these come fully furnished so they are more expensive.

Another less expensive option is to look a little farther out.  Taking a 20 to 30 minute train ride to the ballet, many older girls do this.

I can give you name of other apartments and condo I would recommend if that is the route you want to go.

Here are a few more questions that will help me point you in an even more specific direction.

1.  Do you want or plan on a roommate?

2. How far away will she be from home?

3. What kind of school will she be doing? (This can be super important to where she lives)

4. Is she totally comfortable completely taking care of herself?

5.  What level is BC putting her in?  Classes run different times so this can even be important when choosing a place.

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Thanks for all your information, Monet. Here are some answers to your questions.

1. She wouldn’t mind roommates, but would like her own bedroom.

2. She’ll be far from home. The past 2 years, she’s been living in a house with 7 other girls attending a ballet school even further away than Chicago.

3. She finishing up online high school.

4. She’s pretty independent. We’re considering studio apartments, because she would like some space to herself, and she cooks.

5. She’ll be Level 7.


Thanks for your help. Let me know if you’ve heard anything about University Center.

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It would be better for folks to take the personal roommate business off-Board. 👍

General housing information that is useful to all members researching is appropriate, but when it gets personal, the open Board does not provide sufficient privacy or protection. 
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