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RebeccaBee and AlabamaDanceMom, thanks for all this helpful information! I look forward to watching some of the virtual programming!

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I'll echo what AlabamaDanceMom has said. Our dancer made the switch this year to train fully with BC and the BCSC - no regrets, even though she could have been in person at this point with her local studio. She did have the advantage of having done an in-person SI with them two summers ago (so at least met the faculty and staff) and did their virtual SI and Advanced Rep this summer, which helped her make the decision for year-round - she felt they could challenge her and offer her a much greater step up with her training. She doesn't know very many people at all (very few from 2018) but they have seemed welcoming to her in their group chats  that they do amongst the students--she feels very comfortable reaching out if she has a question, and I would say she is more of an introvert by nature. The faculty is handling the remote aspect incredibly well - corrections are received, they hold "town halls" and family meetings to stay connected and address changes/questions for upcoming things. The virtual productions have been well-rehearsed - the fall showings were a bit choppy, as they showed them over a live zoom, but the spring so far showed much smoother - same production for one of them but they posted it to YouTube, instead, which shows with less time lapse issue. The remaining spring programming (through April) I believe will be archived footage, but it gives a great sense of what these dancers are trained to do. Our dancer had a very successful audition season - it helped that she was already very well prepared with the zoom aspect - but the teachers also WANT their students to explore elsewhere for the summer. It's a great reflection on their program as to where the dancers go during the summers and beyond. 

I'm actually a little stressed about the upcoming plan to switch to in-studio time, since we are out of state and our dancer is also supposed to finally be switching to in-person classes for school. I don't know how to juggle this with even weekend studio time (and the cost associated for weekly travel and hotels) for her but don't want to deprive her of the opportunity. It has felt very worth it for us to have made the move for her--she is dancing at home but is happy and strong. 

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On 8/11/2019 at 5:38 PM, reabeth said:

Thanks for all your information, Monet. Here are some answers to your questions.

1. She wouldn’t mind roommates, but would like her own bedroom.

2. She’ll be far from home. The past 2 years, she’s been living in a house with 7 other girls attending a ballet school even further away than Chicago.

3. She finishing up online high school.

4. She’s pretty independent. We’re considering studio apartments, because she would like some space to herself, and she cooks.

5. She’ll be Level 7.


Thanks for your help. Let me know if you’ve heard anything about University Center.

Hi Reabeth, I would love to hear how your DD liked BCS.  Did she already move on from there? This post if a few years old.  My daughter is almost 15 and I'm considering BCS for her to try a class.  I would love your input. Thanks

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