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I can no longer 'view new content'

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I must have done something to mess up my settings but when I hit the View New Content tab, all I get is a note that there is no new content. So I have bene opening each category to find new posts.

Can someone tell me what I have done wrong and how to fix it?


**Edited to say I figured it out!

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Victoria Leigh

Thank you for letting us know, Noodles. :) Sometimes those 'glitches' happen, but usually they do work out.

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Over on the left side there are several options you can check. Try unchecking or checking different options and it should fix it.

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I had that happening on both my computer and iphone for months (during which I was thinking "WOW the board is really dead!"). I eventually switched it from "new since my last visit" to the option for everything in the last week and just left it that way. Tricky to figure out what is actually new since my last visit sometimes but preferable to not seeing anything at all.

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