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Does anyone know anything about this company, or their second company? It doesn't seem to have been mentioned on the forum for several years! I am wondering if this is because it has more of a contemporary focus, if it is just too small a company or if there is another reason?


I have posted in cross talk as I imagine that reaches the most people!

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I know of it. I suspect you are correct. It is a small company with a contemporary ballet focus and is likely not mentioned because it is a small program. My daughter knows someone who was there for maybe two years. I believe she was in the second company, at least the first year. I know she performed at Jacob's Pillow with them. I recall her mentioning the dancers came from all over the world). It sounded like a fun repertoire. I am sorry that I do not know more.


There are many small companies that are not mentioned here. I am sure that has more to do with their regional basis and size. The tends to be much more about SUs and larger training programs. It is hard to get information on these smaller, lesser known places;

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Thank you, Melissa. I am guessing that performing at Jacobs Pillow is a good thing in favour of the company?


I think I will start a new thread about contemporary ballet companies!

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I am interested to know more about this company if anyone has any updates since 2017. It’s performances have very good reviews. Am curious if anyone has any personal experience 

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