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Broke fourth metatarsal! Getting back into ballet?


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Hi there! I am a fifteen year old ballet (mostly), contemporary and jazz dancer. After falling right on my foot during a turning combo I broke my fourth metatarsal and hairline fractured my third metatarsal. I've had a walking boot on for five weeks now. The doctors advised me I'd only need it for four weeks. When getting re-evaluated after 4 weeks, I was still in pain and the bone was still healing and still had a break, they told me to wait 2 more weeks with the boot.


Here are my questions:

1- What can I do at home to strengthen my body to go back to dance (excercises?)

2- Does anyone have advice as to is it easy to get back into it? Or anyone broke the same bone I did?

3- The physio told me to walk at home without the boot to get the feeling of motion in my ankle and foot, but the bone is still broken!! Should I stay off it or still walk on it like physio told me?


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Sorry to hear about your injuries, ballerinawithtroubles. I know it's very frustrating, but there is really nothing you can do about it except make good use of the time. I hope your are still attending classes and watching, as one can learn a great deal that way.


As far as exercises, you can do a lot of things on the floor, like exercising abs, glutes, quads, etc. You can even work on rotation, as that does not have to involve using the foot. Just lie on your back, lift the leg off the floor, and rotate from the hip. One leg at a time or both. You can work on port de bras!!! (A generally highly neglected area.) You can read ballet books and study professional dancers on video.


As for walking at home without the boot, I would question the Dr. about that. Or ask the physio if the doctor had put that in the prescription or directions sent to the therapist.

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