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Class with Teacher's Daughter


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The last few years my daughter has been taught by the mother of one of the girls in her class. This teacher wants to make sure she teaches her daughter's class so each year my daughter has her as a teacher. According to my daughter and other students, the teacher spends most of the class focused on her daughter. The teacher does not like parents watching so she now holds class in the room without windows. She corrects her daughter constantly (causing her to cry on occasion) while paying little attention to the others in the classroom. My daughter is lucky to get 1-2 compliments/corrections per class. The other girls usually receive no feedback. I like the teacher, but I feel there is a conflict of interest with her teaching her daughter's class year after year. My daughter would like more feedback. The situation has worsened significantly this year. DD has two other ballet teachers that she likes but this teacher would probably be considered the main teacher for her level.


I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this situation? Do you have any advice? The teacher is a friend so it is tricky.

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Definitely a conflict of interest. I would meet with the school director and tell them what's going on. Maybe they just aren't aware of how she's favoring her daughter.

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It's definitely hard. My DD happens to be the same age as not only the main teacher for the intermediate level's DD, but also the AD's daughter. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. She was rarely in class with the AD's daughter, but she was in class with the teacher and her daughter for a couple of years. It was not fun, especially since said teacher didn't like my DD. Honestly, we just dealt with it by waiting her out. Eventually my DD was leveled up away from this teacher's DD and the problem went away. In the interim, she was told to go to class and get what she could out of it. When it became disruptive to DD's instruction, we did bring it up in our conference, but carefully. We're a small enough school that there weren't many options beyond patience. If you have the opportunity for a conference with the school director, definitely bring it up then.

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Both my girls are similar age as the teacher's daughters and it is hard. One is in the same class and the other is a level above. The DD that is in the same class as the teacher's DD is alway stressed if the teacher's DD might not like what she says or does something the teacher's DD doesn't like because she is afraid there might be some backlash during class, which happens. Both of the teacher's DD also get featured roles in the Nutcracker and Spring Shows eventhough it is obvious that there are some dancers that are more talented and deserve the roles. But we have come to accept the situation as being unfair. Everyone in the studio agrees but no one will say anything because they are afraid it will be worst for their DKs. The AD also favorites these two dancers. My older daughter usually doesn't gets anything better that the teacher's older DD even though she is a level above and it certainly hurts my DD confidence. It a good lesson for my girls to realize life is not fair.

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Thank you for all of your advice and sharing your experiences. Maybe we'll just have to stick it out with a gentle request to the owner at the end of the season. This teacher was also the AD for the Nutcracker this year. Parts are given out as a class for their level and if some are not ready, no one will get a bigger part.

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