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Best part time job for dancers


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Hi fellow dancers.


What are the most common evening/weekend part time jobs that seems to work well to help supplement full time dancers?


Please send creative and or practical advice this way. Thanks ?

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Bartender: One can make very decent money that way. Daughter took a bartending course. And as always, the tried and true fall-back: waiting on tables. The ranks of the NYC restaurant industry waitstaff are swollen with performing artists.


If the dancer is academically inclined, tutoring/homework helper is also good. You can make your own hours.

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Teaching!! That's what the majority of dancers in my company did. However, I'm sure it depends on where you are located. It's much easier to find teaching work in larger metropolitan areas. It also depends on how late your rehearsal schedule goes. My company was done rehearsing by mid-to-late afternoon, so most of us went directly from the ballet to our various studios to teach.


Waiting tables is always the classic fall-back, of course. :)

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My daughter did church child care, including Friday night parents-night-out. Through that she also picked up a few private babysitting jobs. (She also picked up the love of a 5 year old who told her, "I can't believe you're not married -- you're so pretty and you smell like pancakes!")

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