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A "cheeky" question for the ladies...

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This is something I have wondered for a long time but being bashful, have not been able to ask until now. I have read a great deal on the internet about how to pick the best leotard styles for your body, whether you have broader shoulers, a sort torso, a long torso, a larger chest, a thicker waist, etc. However, I have not seen anything much regarding the best options for those of us with fuller posteriors. I am not talking about the rounder variety, more the heart-shaped booty that accompanies many pear or hourglass figures. I'm a fit hourglass with long limbs and a long torso, but hold extra weight in my thighs and cheeks.


Because I have a dancewear buying problem like many other adult dancers ( :whistling: ), I have a million different styles of leotards (okay, that's hyperbolic, but only a tad!) I dance a lot and do make a point of rotating through them, but while I have definite preferences when it comes to things like neckline, strap width, detailing, seaming etc, I don't know what looks best on my lower half. I feel like full coverage - lower cut leglines and full seats- makes my bottom look larger than it is, but feel more comfortable in such styles. My higher cut leotards make a v-shape in the back, and although they stay put, I feel a bit exposed. However, I have seen myself in a photo in such a style and was surprised that it made my lower half seem somewhat smaller. When I look at pics of dancewear models, this V-shaped seat seems to be the norm, regardless of the model's physique.


So I was wondering, does anyone have any tips for me and others like me who may be wondering the same thing? What is most flattering on a figure like mine? If you have a similar build to the one I've described, what is your personal preference and why? I tend to cover up with skirts but would love to wear just a leo and tights sometimes!


All opinions welcomed...



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After two kids and dealing with a medication that has caused some weight gain, this is my problem area as well. Like you, I cover up with skirts. Before children, I found that unitards were my best friend. The brand leotard that I find covers best(I don't see myself from the back that often even when I am teaching- my poor students get that view), is So Danca. They have many beautiful stylish leotards with fancy backs and all. I used to think the fancy back would draw attention to my posterior, but I like them so much that I ceased caring. If I weren't so self-conscious though, I would go back to unitards in a heartbeat.

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I didn't actually know so danca made leotards! I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the tip! I think unitards are quite flattering on most figures, as the solid color enhances the length of the line created by the legs and body (and arms too, if it happens to be long sleeved!) If I were allowed to wear them at my studio, I would. I think you should at least try one on the next time you are dancewear shopping- you never know! As for details, I feel like the eye will naturally gravitate to the exact location of any pops of colour, lace, mesh, or strappiness, for better or for worse!

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