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Studio Company Girls Bonding

Lady Elle

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In lieu of the "studio bully" posts that we see here from time to time, I thought I'd share an incident that happened yesterday. The girls had morning classes followed by rehearsals for upcoming shows. My dd has a piece she choreographed on some of the girls and was scheduled to rehearse later in the afternoon. After running one of the other pieces late, the girls had a little break and started to talk about their hardships and stresses (school pressure, non supportive parents, family problems...) and it ended up being a very tear filled, compassionate time for them. My dd didn't end up rehearsing as she recognized that that moment was such a cleansing bonding time between them all. She also had a little opportunity to share how she leans on her faith when times are stressful, which was nice. I was glad to hear about this. My dd is a new student at this studio this year and it's taken a while for her to feel like part of the very established group.


I know I've had times when I've been dancing and pushing my body that I'll just start tearing up - like a release. Has anyone else experienced that?

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What a nice feel good story. :) Thank you for sharing! I'm glad your DD had such a positive experience.

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Lady Elle, so gald you posted this story. Sometimes we forget to talk about the good news. My DD is also in a supportive student company. Last year she listened, hugged, and was a source of strength for more than one friend. But, this year she has been the one who has needed the encouraging words and shoulder to lean on. Having a supportive group of dancers has proven invaluable. I can only hope many others have an environment like your DD and mine.

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Very nice! :clapping:


I wonder how many other warm/fuzzy stories people have to share from first hand experiences in their journey. Amie is right, sometimes we forget to post about the good and only post the bad or questions. So how about it? What good things are coming from the students, training, school where you spend your time. What glimpses of kindness and camaraderie are you seeing and involved in?

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I am continually grateful for my dd's supportive peers. When she wanted to choreograph a piece for a school project, a bunch of her fellow dancers came in on Sunday (their only day off) to spend several hours dancing and filming--and left saying they hoped she would do it again! And recently the guest teacher for their company class was a no-show, so they gave themselves a conditioning class and then different dancers shared things they were working on. When my dd and her partner shared the pas de deux they have been learning, the other dancers roared and cheered over it. It's so great to see dancers celebrating each other rather than viewing others' successes and accomplishments as threatening.

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My DD is in a company school. In some of the other grades, there is a bit of drama between the kids but I can honestly say that after 3 years I have yet to see that with my DD's class. They are a truly nurturing and caring group. If someone is struggling - emotionally or physically - the hugs and supportive words flow freely.


I will always be impressed and touched that when my DD got a coveted role that all the girls wanted, the response was cheers and hugs. I'm so pleased that they are learning that to succeed doesn't mean that someone else must fail. I feel like that's a reminder I need in my own life!

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