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Summer plans (no intensive)


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For those not doing intensives (in our case we can't afford it), how are you continuing training during the summer for your dks? I'm looking for ideas. I admit I'm pretty discouraged. I feel like all these kids are going to come back stronger from intensives, and I can't give my dd the training she should have because of money :/



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There was a summer DD was injured and we just didn't chance summer attendance, so we put together our own version of an SI. She took a weekly private from one of her home teachers to work on things specific to her. And she attended classes at several nearby schools that were approved by her teacher and had drop in rates so we could plan a weekly budget and stick to it.


Depending on where you are, there also may be a smaller school that has an in house SI. The school where DD graduated from had one and it was very good instruction. Usually with those, there is host housing and a much lessor price.


I will also look for an older thread for you and come back to link to it here.

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You could try finding some open classes or just a week long intensive. Swimming classes. You could create a schedule of biking to the pool a couple of times a week. Create a pilates regime from youtube videos.

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Yes I'm going to try and piece together some training. We do have a budget for this, it's just much much less than an SI budget.

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Here is one. It is not the one I was looking for but will have to search again in a bit unless someone else can find it in my absence.


Current economy and affording SIs

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My almost 12DD isn't doing an intensive this year either. Finances are tight right now. Also, she is in her first year of pointe at a school that takes a very slow, cautious approach, so I wouldn't have necessarily felt comfortable sending her away where she might push herself further than she should. Her school will most likely offer open classes three days a week for part of the summer, so she'll attend those. There are also very good dance conditioning classes at a nearby Pilates studio. She's very self-motivated, so I think she'll be fine. While part of me is sad that she couldn't attend a program this year, another part of me feels that we are in the calm before the storm. Things are only going to ramp up more as she gets older, so I'm looking forward to her having the summer to swim and play with friends.

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DD will turn 13 in June and is not going away. She only chose 3 very competitive programs (SAB and two programs with at total of 30 spots between them) to audition for this season, despite my recommendations that she have a backup plan. As a result, she ended up with 2 rejections and a waitlist. It was crushing for her, but a valuable life lesson. In speaking with her home studio and her private coach, neither seems troubled by her not going away. Her private coach in particular seemed to think that at this age, the wrong program could do more harm than good. She feels strongly that going away before the age of 15 or so is a fun dance experience, but doesn't make a huge difference in long-run preparation. There are a couple of programs we could probably get DD into late, including CPYB, but those are either not something she is excited about, or cost-prohibitive.


So here's our plan:

1. Take some of that money and go on a nice family vacation. *gasp* (If DD gets her wish to go away most of next summer and all the ones after, this could be our last chance to all go together for some time.)

2. Go to the home studio's intensive, which will have a couple of guest teachers, and she'll enjoy a few of weeks being one of only a handful of advanced dancers, so she could benefit from extra attention.

3. Increase the frequency of her privates. (Which we'll also only be able to afford due to not going away.)

4. Possibly spend a couple of weeks going to her private coach's home intensive, if I can talk her into a host family.


As for the other dancers getting ahead/better because they went away and your DK didn't...I told my DD, you only get what you put in. If she puts in hard work and effort getting as much class as she can, and conditioning/stretching when she can't get class, she'll get just as much out of her summer as dancers who go away, and more than any dancers who go away but don't put in the effort, expecting the program to do the work for them.


It's hard when we can't just whip out the checkbook and make things easy, but hang in there. Good luck!

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After posting this I saw an ad for "Progressing Ballet Technique". I signed up for their 3 day trial. These conditoning excersises look safe and challenging. Exactly what I was looking for the conditioning she should do herself througout the summer.


Mom de duex I think your plan sounds very much like what I would like to put together for my dd, and I agree she will get a lot out of it if she puts the work in.

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My DD is just 12 also. She will be doing some open classes and a couple weeks of "dance camp" offered by her local studio. Honestly, though, she loves summer for the opportunity to enjoy free time with friends, relax by the pool, go to the beach, and explore interests that she doesn't have time for during the school year. She always does a musical theater program during the summer, and this summer she also has plans for a teen baking camp that she is going to do with a couple friends.

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We are not doing any intensives. Of course he home studio would like her to go there however I think summer is a great time to branch out and learn elsewhere so we are going to one of two different local pre-pro studios for their open classes.

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