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Right shoes for doing turns?


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I find that my ballet shoes stick to the floor when I do turns, so I can't turn completely around. They are older shoes, but not that worn out. Would buying new shoes help? These are just regular ballet shoes, not point shoes.

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Are they canvas? If so, you can just put them through the washing machine. It may be that there's rosin, or floor cleaner (or even floor wax) or just a build of dust and grease from the floor.

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I find that leather shoes often stick to marley surfaces, especially when it is humid. For me, turning is much easier in a canvas shoe regardless of the floor type.

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I am not sure if these are leather or canvas.


If they are leather, I will buy a new pair of canvas. I'm pretty sure it's the shoes. I turn better when I'm barefoot.

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It's pretty easy to tell the difference! If they're leather, maybe you need to clean them with a leather cleaner - but not a grease/oil based one. In fact. leather can be pretty tough - you could gently wash them in warm water with a leather cleaner. Look for leather glove cleaner. I clean all my fine leather gloves with that - if you stuff the shoes with socks to help them dry, you'll keep the shape of the shoe. Don't overstuff unless you want to stretch your shoes.

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