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DVD or YouTube channel in between classes??


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Hello! I am a returning adult ballet student...trained when I was young through my teens 5yrs -15/16 years old then stopped just after I started pointe. Now married, 3 children (ages 3-14)and 39years old back at ballet school and could not be happier. I signed up for a once a week adult class and committed to a semester. I'm EXTREMELY rusty as you can imagine but very eager to get back into it. I am looking for something to do at home, in my basement most likely during the week as I feel like I need to "catch up" and an entire week goes by and I would like to practice more but definitely need some sort of instruction.

Any good dvds or YouTube channels you may know of to supplement my classes during the week?

Thank you!!!

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Kathryn Morgan (YouTube) has great barres to do at home.

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I agree with split_soul. Kathryn Morgan has great barre and stretching videos!

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Absolutely agree - Kathryn Morgan is fantastic. Love her online classes.

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Hm, I think she┬┤s good for stengthening exercises, but for stretching she is not so good!

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However, if you're still learning - coming back after such a long break of 20 years really is like beginning again - you could be embedding bad habits by doing "class" without a teacher. Why not do some basic strengthening exercises at the gym, and do some cross-training (walking, running, swimming) to improve aerobic fitness? Unless you really know what you're doing, online classes are a bit risky because there's no-one to correct bad habits.

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