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Online Videos: "Ballet a la Russe" docuseries

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Found this series on YouTube, it's about 11 episodes (so far, I think there may be more coming out) about dancers in different Russian ballet companies. It follows the Vaganova school, different principal dancers, a company on tour; it's very interesting and gives an in-depth look into these different dance companies and how they work. You can find the videos by searching "Ballet a la Russe" and the videos are on the RT Documentary YouTube channel.

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I found this series as well, just last week, and have been watching. It's fascinating - probably a bit dramatized, but very very interesting. I wish it followed some of the dancers a little longer and had a bit more info on the companies, the switch between companies/dancers is a little jarring between some episodes. It also gets confusing with a few of them having similar names. It's a very clean show, and I plan on letting my almost 11 year old DD watch as well.

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I've only watched the first 2 so far, and have enjoyed both.  If you have seen Strictly Bolshoi (documentary with Christopher Wheeldon choreographing for the Bolshoi) you will recognize Nikilay Tsiskaridze in the first episode.  The former principal dancer is now the head of the Vaganova Academy.  He remains hysterically dramatic.  There appear to be some staged scenes mixed with the real ones and there is skipping around time wise, but overall MUCH better than the American reality shows. 

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Tsiskaridze was definitely dramatic, and it was definitely very amusing! I'll have to check out Strictly Bolshoi, I think I've seen it around but never checked it out.

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