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Canvas vs Leather ballet shoes


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Do you prefer canvas or leather ballet flats? I currently use leather, but I would be curious to know what people prefer and why.

Also, is there a big difference between drawstring or elastic around the shoe?


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I highly prefer canvas! It usually matches the color of my tights better, makes promenades & turning easier, and is less wrinkly so it shows off my arch better! I have heard that some teachers prefer leather because it provides more resistance against the floor so it makes your feet stronger.

I also prefer elastic around the shoe because it is more comfortable and makes a cleaner line. Currently I am wearing SoDanca canvas ballet flats, which I am loving!

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Thank you! I am planning on getting new shoes soon, (I am outgrowing my current ones) and will ask to try on some canvas!

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Leather is nice because it has helps strengthen my feet like chasseallday said. Canvas is great as a performance shoe if you're doing a piece on flat however. 

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