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Most received correction

Grandad dancer

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Over on the teachers forum they have a fun thread on their most given corrections. I thought it might be fun to share our most received corrections. 

I have problems multi tasking, so when I concentrate on one aspect, another slips. Pull up on the supporting side and don't drop your elbow are frequent for me. The teacher knows I know what to do and just need a reminder which is now a smile and an exaggerated pull up or a waggle of the fingers. One day it will reach muscle memory. 

Anyone else willing to share? 

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Don't sit back in your hyperextension! Mostly in between exercises rather than during...I need to remember that posture is important even when you're not dancing! 

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Turnout your supporting leg.

Turnout your posse.


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"You are wearing your shoulders as earrings!"

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Eyes off the floor! There's no gold down there.

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Thank you all for joining in and sharing. I have had most of those corrections. It is nice to know others have pet corrections. 

Mellii. I have never been in a class where students were corrected between exercises. I know I sometimes lose posture. Perhaps I should suggest it to the teachers, but then again perhaps not. The other students may never speak to me again. 

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Grandad dancer, it's definitely difficult to concentrate on when I've just completed an exercise and the teacher is setting a new one etc, but I know it's really important for me to get into the habit of good knee posture all the time! 


When I was training pre-professionally one of teachers used to say your tummy should never touch your leotard, ie from the moment you enter the studio to when you leave you should be constantly pulled up!

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Mellii, navel to spine is another frequent correction for me. It always reminds me of the advert of the chap sucking his gut in as a pretty girl walks past, only to let it out and knock a table of drinks over when she has gone by.

I like the attitude -from the moment you enter to the moment you leave -. 

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In classes I do, we get all of these as general class corrections. The ones I get personally:


Stop chewing your lips

Slooooooow down

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Relax your shoulders (this to the whole class, urbi et orbi).

Here's one I know I need to do and that it works, but it goes missing when I have to remember a combination:

Hold onto your passé through the turn whatever happens

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I get the shoulders coming up when I start to stress about remembering a combination. Sympathetic fight or flight response. Useful in self-defence, not so much in ballet. 

It does me good to be a student. When I am instructing teenagers and repeating the same instruction for the umpteenth time I just chill and remember I am just as bad.

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Tuck you pelvis in,don't sink into your hip, shoulders!, "don't squish the baby" (turns), "eyes off the floor- I guarantee it is still there !", stretch the back leg, and last but not least, "point your toes!":D

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Stretch your knees, eye focus (one teacher used to call it "lights are on but nobody's home"), pointe your toes at the end of à la seconde extensions (this is really hard for me.  Not sure why), and LAND YOUR JUMPS. With a plié that has both heels on the floor.

Imagine that. :wink:

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Sheahuang - don't squish the baby? I assume it means keep your arms out in a nicely rounded first position. I have held a baby in my arms during barre. Only the once and with the teacher's advanced permission. It really throws your balance.  Fortunately DGD3 fell asleep for centre. 

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