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Ballet fingers/backstory


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A quick backstory before I begin: I started dancing at a local studio. I was there for 9 years. I did not receive great training there, especially in ballet. I then moved on to a different studio, and it was great the first year, but then this past year (my second year there), it started to go downhill. I just recently left there. I am looking into possibly attending a more ballet focused school later this spring (nothing is definite however!). So, as a heads up, I do not know as much about ballet as I would like to. I am hoping the new school will change that.

My question is, what are the correct finger positions for ballet? I never got a concrete/correct (from what I know) answer from a teacher. At my old studio we were taught to keep them flat, like blades, hiding the thumb (I'm telling you, ballet was NOT at all the focus there.) I personally keep mine with the thumb and middle finger forming a faint C. If you know what I'm talking about. However, I also have noticed that some ballerinas keep them so just the index finger is up, and the others stay spread apart. Again, I might not make any sense. But, are these differences based off different techniques? Balanchine, Vaganova, etc?

I will attach 2 photos of the finger positions I was talking about.

Thank you for reading all this.

AquaDancer13 :)


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AquaDancer13, I had to edit out your photos, as photos are not allowed on BTforD. I'm not sure how they got through in the first place, but probably because of the very recent upgrade, which is just another problem we have to fix. 

In terms of fingers, they are different in different methods and styles. You will need to work in the way that your teacher teaches. 

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Oh, I wasn't aware of the photo policy.

Alright, I will talk to some teachers and see what they say! Thank you! 

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