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Best Foam Rollers for Dancers


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I was wondering how important foam rollers are for young dancers. Also, which type is the best? I have seen solid foam ones, and hollow ones with only foam on the outer most layer.  I am not sure I understand the differences between the two.

thank you! :)

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Pointeandpuppies, I am not really familiar with using foam rollers myself, so I am just responding  to open the topic so that others who might have the information you need can respond. :) 

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I use my Trigger Point Therapy GRID foam roller (13 inch size) before class to help gently wake up my legs and roll out any stiffness. I also use it on my TFLs (look up a youtube video tutorial before trying it) and quads to roll out any knots after class when I'm warm. I typically use this roller on my larger muscle groups, such as my hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

Usually, I prefer to use a small ball or my massage stick for my calves, but for light muscle massage I will use this roller on my calves, too. I also like to horizontally place this foam roller underneath my upper back (lying down) and carefully roll out any tight spots, but my PT told me it isn't a good idea to use it on your lower back. You can order the roller on their website, but it is available for much cheaper on Amazon.

I have also heard really positive things about the Rumble Roller, but I have no experience using it. The Rumble Roller is also available on Amazon. Overall, I personally have benefitted from rolling out my muscles, and so have many of my friends who do the same. Just make sure you look for a video on how to properly roll out your targeted muscle/muscle group or see a PT before using a foam roller so you don't injure yourself. I hope this helps!

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At one of my previous studios we had the foam rollers that weren't hollow, and now I use the Trigger Point hollow ones. Personally, I find both to be perfectly fine, but for me the Trigger Point one is a bit harder (which I prefer). Also I find that the hollow rollers are just overall easier to carry/pack. Rolling out definitely helps me sort of cool down if I have a sore muscle after a day of dancing. I will also sometimes roll out my glutes or hips using a tennis ball or a pinky ball because they get a little deeper into the muscle.

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I have a solid rumble roller with spikes. I love it!

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I use a regular foam roller from a sporting goods store.  I love it, it works, it is good enough for me.  However, it is a bit large, which presents a trouble carrying it or being able to stuff it into my bag.

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