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Should I quit dance?


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After injuring my foot I've really been questioning whether or not I should continue pursuing ballet at a high level. I used to be so incredibly passionate about dance. I was at the studio 30 hours a week, Stretching outside of class, spending every free moment researching ballet schools and companies. I've been accepted into several competitive programs such as PNB, Harid, ABT NY, etc. I've even been told by teachers that if I continue on the path I am on I could someday dance with a major ballet company. It seems as though everything is going exactly as it should be; However, I'm very academic minded as well (I'm ranked first in my class with a 5.0 weighted GPA and a 4.0 unweighted). I'm not sure if it's feasible to pursue college while dancing in a company, and I'm not even positive that dancing in a company is what I want to do with my life (that seems absolutely crazy to even type!!) A few months ago I tore a ligament in my foot/ankle. It's not a complete tear and the doctor says that by 6 months I will be able to dance exactly the same as I did before. I've still observed classes, but it seems the joy ballet used to bring me has been taken away. It seems tedious and like a chore and it never has before. Because of my injury I also had to turn down an offer to my dream SI at PNB :( I'm not sure if I should quit ballet or not. It seems that I've put so much into it that I can't quit now. I was thinking of maybe taking a few classes at a less prestigious and demanding ballet school where I could take class just 4 days a week and focus on solely dancing for the joy of it rather than making it a career, but I don't want to throw away everything I've worked so hard for. Sorry this turned into a super long rant, but I'm just so confused about what to do. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much :) 

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Ballerina7373, when you are injured is not a good time to even think about major decisions like that. Not being able to dance for a while is difficult, and can certainly lead to insecurity.  But injuries happen, and almost everyone has to go live through them at some point in time. My suggestion would be to just get yourself healed and back in classes. After that, if you are still not sure it is what you want to do with your life, then that is fine. But, it's really not about what you have put into it in the past. It's about whether you have to dance or not. Ballet is way too difficult a way of life to do if you are not driven to doing it. You would not be throwing away anything. Your years of training and excelling and enjoying and learning and growing as a dancer and as a person will all be important in whatever you choose to do. So, just allow yourself to follow your own heart and you will know what to do.

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Such excellent advise! :wink:

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Thank you so much :) That helps a lot. Any students here gone through a similar position?

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I have had a couple of injuries but nothing major. When I couldn't dance I would just feel so sad and lonely. It was like a part of me that was just missing. You just need to figure out if you yearn to dance each day. If so, then the thought of quitting dance wouldn't exist. I suggest going on Google Images or Pinterest, etc and download photos that inspire you. Make a folder on you computer/ phone and any time you feel down, or uninspired- just look at the photos. I do this a lot. I hope it helps. Just follow your heart!

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I am a acro dancer and I have a mental block on a step I had for like 3 yeara, a round off back handspring  so I want to quit what should I do for my mental block? Will the mental block stay forever or for how much long ? 

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Most mental blocks disappear with self confidence. I am not familiar with acro but I would imagine it is the same as anything. Lack of confidence works against you everytime.

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Leogabyzouch, have you talked to your teachers about it?  They can be really helpful in getting over blocks, they might have some strategies for you.  There's also a big genre talking about mental blocks online, you can research on your own too.

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