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Which form of exercise should I partake


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So I won't type up my long sad story.. but basically I developed severe stomach issues which are now thankfully resolved, but in that time frame I got extremely underweight and basically lost all of my muscle and flexibility, it's now been a year since I last danced:( I'd like to know which form of exercise I should do to get strong, and enough in shape to dance again asap. Probably no weights but I don't feel that pilates is enough for building back all of that muscle. some sort of bodyweight resistance training I'm guessing but which type would be the best? thank you

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Evie, I'm sorry to hear of your health issues, but glad that you are ready to return to dance. My thought is that starting back to class is best, BUT, going very slowly. Perhaps even in a lower level.  Do not expect to do a full class for a while. I would talk to your doctor and to your teacher or teachers, and ask for their recommendations for any additional exercise program. Pilates could be helpful, in my opinion. Nothing is going to build back the muscles quickly. It will take time and patience, and a lot of work. But that work needs to be done slowly and carefully and under supervision. They will come back, but after being out for a year, it may take a year to get back to where you were. If you try to push it too far and too fast it could lead to injury.  Accept that fact, and learn how to work in the way that is best for you!  Keep us posted on your progress. :)


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