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Can I start to learn ballet at 18?

Sketchy Sketcher

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Dear people of this forum...

i know the question has already been asked and that the answer is "it s never too late to start". The reason i am writing this is because i don t know if i am cut for ballet. I saw a ballet last year and i was amazed. It was crazy how the dancers were... well dancing! i  just want to know if even with my physic i can start ballet at 18. i m saying this because i tried other sports and couldn t play during official games because i m too thin. i do body renforcement but it doesn t change the facts.

Ok let me make it clear: i m 1m87 which i think is 6'2 and i weigh __ kg (___ lb). so as you can imagine i am pretty thin. i just wanted to know if i would be "technically" able to start learning ballet.


thx for your time and sorry for my bad english.

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Welcome, Sketchy Sketcher. :)  

It is true that it is never too late to start, and it's also true that being 'pretty thin' is not a problem in ballet. If you are strong and healthy there is no reason not to start. Ballet is not a sport, it is an art. That is a big difference.

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Thank you very much Miss Leigh!

I was a bit worried but it's good to hear this from a pro. :) I will try my hardest to catch up with the group I will be joining.

Thank you so much. :D

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Removed quote. Also fixed the "i" to "I" where needed.
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Hi Sketchy Sketcher, I was advised for medical reasons by my doctors to give up contact sports and fighting and was very thin when I started back 7 months ago. The doctors were supportive of that so long as I did no lifting.  So even if there is a medical condition, it is worth talking to your doctor about how to start safely. I have alread regained some muscle mass, strength stamina, coordination, balance etc . 

I assume you have read the thread about starting back in my forties. There is useful information there on what to expect, especially the etiquette points by Redbookish. 

Remember to enjoy class.

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I think 18 is a good age to start, you are still young.

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Pavlov, it would be helpful if you would be a bit more precise in your "connection in ballet" part of your profile.  I gather you are both an adult dancer and a parent.  It would make it easier for us all if you would be so kind as to update your profile to reflect your varied connections to ballet. :)

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