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Hyperextension Confusion


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I am looking for advice and reassurance from the experts here on this board.  I have read extensively through the boards regarding hypermobility and hyperextension.  DD13  told me that one of her teachers is telling her to use her hyperextension at all times.  I asked her for an example.  She said she has been asked to use her hyperextension on her supporting leg when in passe or sous-sous and alter her balance to accommodate.  I am not a dancer, but I understand the physics and mechanics behind the movements.  It seems that if she hyperextends her supporting leg knee, she would have to compensate by throwing something else out of whack to balance.  I am concerned that she may injure herself.  DD has been diagnosed with joint hypermobility (no ED).  Both her arms and legs have hyperextension.

Am I right about being concerned?

Oops, I posted to the wrong forum.  I should have posted to the Parents of Dancer 13+.  Could you please move to the correct forum?  I apologize for the mistake.

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No problem, oniceskates. Topic is moved. :)

As for the hyperextension, that IS a problem. It is a good thing in terms of line of extended leg, but I really don't know what the teacher means by "using her hyperextension at all times". When it comes to the supporting leg, it is a matter of controlling it. Learning to straighten the supporting leg without pushing back into the hyperextension is very important, as it is a matter of placement.

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On the supporting leg, the teacher is asking her to push back into hyperextension.

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If she has several teachers and only this one asks her to do that, then I would talk to the School Director.  If this is not addressed, I would start looking for a new school.

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...agree with Ms. Leigh.  Not only because of the potential for injury, but because incorrect visual lines are produced by "sitting" in hyperextension.   Joint problems (hip too) and placement that is not visually correct can hold her back if she wants to become serious about ballet as a career.


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