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Weight-training for long-limbed 12 year old

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Just an update on the strength/weight-training issue. Strength is still an issue (not surprisingly) but there are some things my daughter has learned over summer. One was she still doesn't use the floor as much as she could. Her articulation along the floor has improved I think. Noel19, with the barre, I think the weak spots she noticed are frappes, possibly grande battlement and glissade? The other thing she is understanding more is that the teacher is sometimes referring to the speed at which she moves her legs. She might not be using core enough, but her movements are slow. Frappe at the barre is stronger and quicker since summer. Now that she is back from NYC, she is working on focusing on that strength at the barre and core work on her own. No weight training at this stage 😀

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Specificity of training comes to mind with regards to one specific statement you made about the speed at which she moves her legs. She should talk to her teachers about what they would suggest as far as training for speed, as a wise coach once told my husband, "If you want to race fast you have to train fast" ... in other words don't expect to be able to finish in a fast time because you attempt to run faster on race day. That's not to say that you train at race pace all the time every day, but it is to say that fast twitch muscle fibers must be trained to respond when you need them to. Just something for her to ponder.

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