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How high is degage?


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I'm just starting to get involved in the dance industry. Sorry if this is a stupid question- i need it for an audition.

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Hello Luisa and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please do take a few moments to go to the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself. Telling us a bit about your time in dance gives us more knowledge on how to advise you in your quest to achieve your best in dance.

Please feel assured that no question is a "stupid" question. Your questioning shows that you are thinking and you are interested to achieve your best. There are quite a few answers to your question depending upon which program of study you are working with. Generally speaking the movement "Degage" or "Battement Jeté" can be done at 25 degrees or at 45 degrees. Both are correct, but to be sure, I would watch very carefully how high the teacher demonstrates the movement and then do as the teacher did.

All the best in your audition.

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