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Please help me come up with variation ideas?


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Hi folks!

I would be grateful for any variation suggestions you may be able to offer me. Here are my requirements:

-Would prefer a lesser known variation or a less commonly performed choreographic version of a common variation

-Something that showcases high extensions, long lines, and flexibility (for example, Queen of the Dryads) 

-Something with minimal multiple turns (I'm not a natural turner!)

-grand allegro or adagio emphasis preferable to petit allegro

-I look, feel, and move better when dancing in a platter/pancake/bell tutu or tunic as opposed to romantic tutu, peasant dress, or other costume types (I have broad shoulders, a small waist and long legs and have found that a platter tutu balances my figure quite well)

-Something that suits a placid, serious, or solemn personality rather than a vivacious, vibrant one 

I  know some of the things in this list may not go together that well (for example my need for a more lyrical variation combined with my costume preferences) so If you think of something and it doesn't meet every little point as stated above, please do share! I am open to any and all suggestions! 

I have until December to get something together and won't start rehearsing until mid to late August, but I need time to test things out before making a concrete decision :-)

Thank you for your suggestions!


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Look at the various Raymonda variations. I like the one where she claps (name escapes me at this time). 

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What about Myrtha, from Giselle?

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My dance school just performed Coppelia yesterday, following the Bolshoi version.  While there was tons of petit allegro, there were several solos that involved adagio that sounds like what you are looking for.  Not a lot of turns aside from a big foutette or other turn section (depending on the version), which can be worked around or changed.  Mostly in the third act which is all wedding celebration so wearing a pancake tutu would not be out of place.  

One of them is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3StcQpUfUnk 

Another was the Prayer solo.  The Boishoi version doesn't have a lot of elements to it though.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeTwl_Tzhf8


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